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  • Did you know you get £20 a year by having both electricity and gas with us?

    Join our other customers who are already saving

    As an E.ON customer you’ll automatically get a £20 Dual Fuel discount. It’s applied daily and will show on your bill or statement if you have a credit meter. If you’ve a prepayment meter, then we’ll send you a cheque following your statement. But if you think that you're not receiving this discount, then please contact us.

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How to sign up for Dual Fuel:

  1. Get a quote                   


    Get a quote using our Best Deal For You tool and then compare it against your current suppliers’ tariff. You’ll be able to stay on your current tariff and just add another fuel, or choose a different tariff. It’s entirely up to you.


  2. We then switch you over to us

    Once you’ve selected a tariff and signed up we’ll start the switch process with your current provider. This takes around five weeks and we’ll handle it all for you. All you need to do is provide us with your meter readings and make sure you’ve paid any outstanding bills with your previous supplier.

  3. We provide both fuels - you get a £20 discount

    We’ll give you an estimated start date and let you know once the switch has been completed. Your next bill will be for both your electricity and gas with us, and you’ll enjoy a discount of £20 for the year.

How does Dual Fuel work?

  • Get both electricity and gas from E.ON and get £20

    Start by getting an online quote from us for both electricity and gas, select one of our Dual Fuel tariffs and then compare it against your current suppliers’ tariff.


  • Let us handle the switch from your current energy supplier

    We’ll contact your energy supplier and organise switching you to E.ON. Once it’s complete we’ll apply the £20 saving to your overall bill this will take about five weeks.



  • One bill, one contact, less fuss  

    So, with just one energy account for both electricity and gas you’ll find it easier to manage your bills and keep an eye on your account.



Other ways to save money

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