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How does paperless billing work?

  • It's simple

    Instead of a paper bill through your door you’ll get an email telling you your bill is available to view online.

  • Everything in one easy place

    You can then view or print it whenever you want, with all your bills in one easy place.

  • Enjoy the convenience

    And no more searching through drawers or pinning things to the fridge.

How to get paperless billing:

  1. Register your account

    When you register your account online then we’ll automatically register you for paperless billing. However, you can choose to receive paper bills again - but you’ll lose the discount.

  2. Now you’re ready to save

    With paperless billing we’ll automatically apply your savings to your balance, which you can view online. It’s that simple.

  3. Watch to find out more

Other ways to save money

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