Additional Explanation and Guide to your Terms and Conditions

Other charges

Here is a list of some of our charges.

Reason for charge


Producing and issuing a copy bill requested by a customer

£3 per copy bill inc. VAT (up to a maximum of £9)

Returned cheques/Direct Debits

£10 per instance

Moving or changing a meter at a customer's request

From £51.06* inc. VAT

Meter Disconnection/Reconnection at a customer's request

£51.06 inc. VAT

Residential debt collection fee

 £10 (inc. VAT)

SME debt collection fee

 £14 (inc. VAT)

* Final charge will depend on the amount of work involved. Minor meter moves, which involve only moving the meter less than 30 cm (12 inches), where there is space on the meter board and no movement to cables, fuse boxes or meter boards, will be charged at £51.06 inc VAT. All other types of meter moves will be quoted for individually.

Connections and your supply

The electricity delivered to your premises through our distribution system will normally be at one of the voltages stated below and will have the frequency, number of phases and margins of variation associated with it

  •   connection voltage and permitted variations: -at 400/230, 460/230, and 230 volts - plus 10% or minus 6%
  •   number and phases of supply: at 400/230 volts - three phase, at 460/230 volts and 230 volts - one phase
  •   frequency of supply and permitted variations: at all voltage levels - 50 hertz, plus or minus 1%.