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To complete your switch you need to login to your account.

When you login we’ll re-quote using your actual usage to make sure we’ve quoted you accurately.   This might mean that you will see a difference to what we’ve just quoted you, so we’ll show you all of our plans again to make sure you’ve chosen the right one for you.

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If you don’t have an online account you can register to complete your switch.  It’s easy, all you need is your account number, postcode and a valid email address. Once registered you'll automatically start to receive online bills but if you’d prefer to get paper bills you can change your settings once your logged in so we continue to send them through the post.

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If you’d prefer to call and talk to someone you can call us on 0333 202 4662 and we'll help to find the right tariff for you. Lines are open 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday, and 8am to 6pm on Saturdays