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E.ON Cap and Track 1 Year 24/06/2017

Prices on this tariff track the market and will be £100 cheaper than the average market price for an Ofgem average energy-user.

If you switch to this tariff, we'll review your prices quarterly so they could go up or down, but never above your quote when you sign up.

There's no exit fee.

Only available to customers paying by fixed monthly Direct Debit.

Only available as a Dual Fuel tariff. Not available for prepayment or non-standard meter types.

Summary of features

  • No exit fee

    If you leave E.ON you will not be charged an exit fee

  • Discounts not available with this tariff

    There will be no additional E.ON discounts with this tariff

  • Prices are capped & reviewed quarterly

    This is a capped tariff meaning your prices will never go above what we quote you today. We'll review the market quarterly and send you an email to let you know what your price will be until the next review.

  • Simple and hassle free

    We take all the hard work out of comparing tariffs by tracking the market so you don't have to

  • 12 month market tracking tariff

    We use the Energy Market Price Index to track the market. We then take the value of the index inclusive of other suppliers discounts and reduce it by £100 to set today's unit rates. Around 6 weeks before the end of the fixed price period we will contact you with details of E.ON EnergyPlan, our variable tariff, which you will automatically move to, unless you choose a different tariff.

  • Payment by Fixed Monthly Direct Debit

    This tariff is only available to customers paying by Fixed Monthly Direct Debit

  • Capped Prices

    Prices will track the market and may go down and back up, but never above your prices quoted today

Why choose us?

  • We've got the uSwitch award for best customer service of all the large energy suppliers for five years running.

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