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E.ON EnergyPlan Assist

Our standard variable priced tariff with no exit fees.

Available to credit meter customers who have been accepted to receive, or have received, a Warm Home Discount payment from us since August 2016.

Summary of features

  • No contract end date

    This is our variable priced plan with no contract end date.

  • Price Effective Date

    We have quoted you E.ON's new prices, which take effect from 1st April 2019. Until that date you will be charged on E.ON's current prices which for typical dual fuel customers are around £2 less expensive per week.

  • Simple No Commitment

    Rolling tariff with variable prices providing flexibility.

  • No Exit Fee

    This is a rolling tariff without an exit fee.

  • Prices are not fixed

    Prices on this tariff are variable below the cap set by the Regulator.

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