Price Alert Terms And Conditions

These terms and conditions are part of section 14 of the full tariff terms and conditions for Fixed price tariffs. If you wish to view your tariff terms and conditions in full, please visit our tariff terms and conditions page.

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If you've opted into Price Alert and we launch a new version of your current fixed tariff, we will notify you within 10 working days. You may receive alerts via email, text or your online app on your mobile device.

Price Alert is only available if you manage your account online. To join, log into your account and select Price Alert. On the End Date you will be opted out of Price Alert unless you agree a new Contract with us on a tariff that is eligible for Price Alert. 

To receive price alerts you must provide us with a valid email address and/or mobile telephone number.

You can opt out of Price Alert by logging on to your online account.

We may withdraw Price Alert at any time.