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  • We've changed our prices

  • We changed our prices on 1 April 2017 as a result of new industry regulations. If you're a home customer and you pay by key or card (prepayment), or top up online (Smart Pay As You Go), you'll be affected.

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  • What's happened?

    The amount we charge you for paying for your energy using prepayment or Smart Pay As You Go has changed. As part of this, we've also removed some of the features and discounts from our standard variable tariff, E.ON EnergyPlan, if you pay for your energy this way.

  • Why have you done this?

    The CMA has investigated the energy market and set a limit on what energy suppliers can charge from 1 April 2017. This limit will change every six months so we've made changes to our prices to meet these new rules.

  • Who are the CMA?

    The Competition and Markets Authority. They're a government organisation who ensures that there's fair competition in and outside of the UK. One of their main aims is to make sure markets (like the energy industry) work well for you.

  • If you pay by prepayment

    You won't start paying our new prices until the first time you top up your meters after 1 April 2017.

    For most people, their statement will show a decrease in how much they've spent throughout the year, but due to rising non-energy costs, some people might see a small increase instead.

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  • If you pay by Smart Pay As You Go

    If you're currently on a fixed tariff, you can stay on it until your end date, but when you come to renew with us, and if you want to stay on Smart Pay As You Go, EnergyPlan will be your only option.

    When you switch to it, or if you're already on EnergyPlan, you'll automatically get our new prices from 1 April 2017.

    This change will affect you differently based on the tariff you're currently on.