How we are making our tariffs simpler

We've listened to our customers when they said they wanted our tariffs to be simpler and easier to understand. That is why we now offer no more than four energy tariffs and our quote process is designed to be straight forward and completely transparent so you can easily see what our best deal for you will be.

Finding an energy supplier can be a complex and difficult process and we want to make it as easy as possible for you, while also offering you our best deal for you!

As well as making our tariffs simpler and easier to understand we’ve also introduced E.ON Rewards on all of our new electricity tariffs. You can get these if you sign up to one of our new electricity or dual fuel tariffs and opt in to E.ON Rewards. E.ON Reward Points can be exchanged for Tesco Clubcard points or for high street vouchers. Find out more about E.ON Rewards here. 

We have also introduced Price Alert. You can opt in to Price Alert if you manage your account online and have one of our new fixed price tariffs,- and we’ll let you know within 10 days if we’ve launched a new version of your tariff. If you wish you can then switch to the new version, with no cancellation fees*. Find out more about Price Alert here .

If you have any more questions, why not have a look at our E.ON Rewards and Price Alert FAQ’s?

*When switching from an E.ON tariff to another E.ON tariff you will not incur a cancellation fee. Depending on your tariff, you may still incur a cancellation fee if you switch to another supplier.