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Our energy tariffs

  • E.ON EnergyPlan

    Our variable priced tariff with no exit fees. E.ON Rewards are also available on this tariff (if you are a dual fuel or electricity customer and opt in).

    This tariff is available to credit, prepayment and non-standard meter customers.

    • No Exit Fee

    • Prices are not fixed

    • £10 Paperless Billing Discount (£5 Electricity, £5 Gas)

    • £20 Dual Fuel Discount

    • Simple No Commitment

  • E.ON Energy Fixed 1 Year v21

    E.ON Energy Fixed 1 Year protects you from price increases for 12 months, subject to VAT and regulatory changes.

    Prices on this tariff are cheaper than our standard variable price tariff, E.ON EnergyPlan. 

    E.ON Rewards are not available on this tariff (even if you opt in). 

    This tariff has no exit fee. Price Alerts are not available on this tariff.

    This is available as a dual fuel or electricity only tariff. Not available for Prepayment or non-standard meter types.

    • No Exit Fee

    • No Price Alerts Available

    • No Rewards Available

    • 12 Month Tariff

    • £10 Paperless Billing Discount

    • £20 Dual Fuel Discount

    • Discounted to E.ON EnergyPlan