Helping you take control

Feeling out of control can be stressful and frustrating, take control of your energy bills to feel better

Our research1 shows that over 1.3 million people2 across the UK feel like they have no control over their lives more than 20 times a week.

49% This feeling leaves nearly half of UK adults feeling frustrated.

42% feel stressed.

234 with the average UK adult feeling they've lost control 234 times a year.3

Smart energy displayIt's not only personal factors that contribute to people feeling out of control of their lives - a quarter of adults experience the same feeling when seeing others wasting energy (25%).

One way to help control energy is by using smart meters. Smart meters and smart energy displays (SEDs) give you better visibility of your energy consumption so you always know how much is being used - and easily see where you can make savings. The best news is, they're free!

Find out more about smart meters and saving energy by having a look at our saving energy hub.