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The new way to affordably invest in energy saving home improvements.

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Important changes to Green Deal

Although Green Deal Finance is no longer available, E.ON can still help insulate homes that need Solid Wall Insulation. There are a number of funding options to help you install Solid Wall Insulation in certain areas working with councils across the country. Call today and discuss the options available.

What is a Green Deal assessment?

A Green Deal Assessment helps you understand if your home could benefit from energy saving home improvements. You'll receive a full detailed report that shows you how much potential improvements such as wall and loft insulation or a new energy efficient boiler could save you and also shows you options to affordably pay for the work. 

How can a Green Deal assessment help me?

A Green Deal assessment will provide the information to enable you to make a decision on what energy saving improvements would be best for your home.

What is best for you: You'll receive your Green Deal Advice Report detailing what new energy saving home improvements you could potentially invest in.

poundcoin icon - E.ONSavings: A Green Deal Advice Report will also detail how much each improvement will potentially reduce your energy bills by each year.

Funding: As an owner occupier you could qualify for funding of 20-60% towards the costs of installing certain energy saving improvements such as solid wall and loft insulation.

Ways to pay: It’s up to you how you pay your contribution toward the improvements, whether using your own money or a personal loan.

How does it work?

1 Your assessment

2 Your options

3 Your installation

An accredited Green Deal assessor will assess your property and energy usage to produce a report that will show you ways you could save energy and whether energy saving home improvements like loft or cavity wall insulation, a new boiler etc. could benefit you. This will take around 2 hours (if you go ahead with any energy saving measures with E.ON you will receive a full refund for the assessment).

You’ll be sent a Green Deal Advice Report and we’ll let you know what funding we may be able to provide towards the improvements, as well as what you would need to contribute and the ways in which you could affordably do this.

Once you’ve decided and agreed what improvements and payment option you would like to go ahead with our Green Deal Installer will carry out the installation at a time and date suitable to you.

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For English and Welsh residents, independent and impartial advice about the Green Deal can be obtained on 0300 123 1234 or at

You may be able to get a free assessment and subsidies elsewhere; ask them for further information.