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Get a smart thermostat for your home

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How tado° controls your heating

The tado° Smart Thermostat uses your phone's location to control your heating, making sure energy isn't wasted.

Your smart thermostat interface provides a simple view of your heating, while the smart scheduling app for your smartphone lets you control your heating from wherever you are. 

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Multi-room control

By adding smart radiator thermostats to your smart thermostat kit, you can control each room on an individual basis from your app. Simply replace your radiator valves with the smart radiator thermostats. 

Geolocation and weather forecasts

tado° shows you how warm your home is, when your heating's on and how much you're saving, all controlled via the heating app on your phone.

It also checks if anyone's at home using geolocation. If nobody's there it turns the heating off, and turns it on when the first person heads back.

tado° checks the weather forecast to heat your home more efficiently.

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Upgrade your controls when you buy a boiler

Both an A-rated boiler and a tado° could save you money on your heating costs and make your life more comfortable.

The smartphone app allows you to control your heating from your new boiler wherever you are.   

It's easy to upgrade - simply book your free survey for a boiler. 

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Control your heating from the app

The mobile app tells your Smart Thermostat how far away you are from home. You'll be able to check the temperature at home and change the settings from wherever you are.

Smart thermostat starter kit

Get our engineers to fit your tado° Smart Thermostat. 

Installation costs £50 when bought with the Smart Thermostat starter kit.

Buy smart thermostat from £189

Smart radiator thermostat

Control one or several radiators in your home if you have central heating.

tado° replaces your thermostatic valve, and you can install them yourself. 

Buy radiator thermostat from £59