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Why are smart meters different?

Smart meters store more information than older meters, which is why the Government has set strict guidelines on how data can be collected from them.

Your energy use information is stored every 30 minutes, but you can decide how often it is sent to us.

Your choices as a customer

At the time of your smart meter installation, you'll be given the choice whether you'd like to share your energy data with us every half an hour, day or month.

Whilst we only need your data every month, sharing with us every half an hour will allow us to give you a more accurate picture of how you use energy throughout the day. This means you won't have to submit meter readings any more and you'll get more accurate bills.

You can also choose whether we can share your data with any third parties or use it for sales and marketing purposes. Once you've made these decision you can always change your mind later on.



We’ll let you know if you’re able
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How do smart meters work?