Smart meter data

To give you an accurate bill, a smart meter needs to take a reading of your energy data and send it to us electronically once a month.

The Government has set strict guidelines in what data can be collected and how it can be used.

So we won’t share your information with any third parties – not unless you want us to – and you can access it at any time.

What data does a smart meter capture?

Smart meters just take readings of your energy use. When we arrange your installation, you can choose whether or not to share data taken every half hour, every day, or even month if you wanted to. We just need to collect it only once a month.

If you share data each half hour, you’ll get a much more accurate picture of how you use energy throughout the day. That means you can find out where to make savings on your bill.

How secure are smart meters?

Smart meter data is encrypted to the same high standards of Government agencies and the banking industry.

The programme has involved a whole host of Government security departments, meter manufacturers, energy companies and security consultants, who together have produced guidelines for data security.  

The Smart programme has been led by the Department of Energy & Climate Change (DECC). Visit the DECC’s website to find out more.

Why do you need my energy data?

We need your energy data so that you can get an accurate bill, based on what you use and not what’s estimated. 

And in the future we’ll even be able to recommend ways you can save energy – and possibly money – based on how you use your energy.

Your old gas and electricity meters still monitored how much energy you used. That information just didn’t get sent anywhere – either you had to tell your energy company, or someone had to come around to take a reading. 

Smart meter data really is limited to just your energy use. We won’t collect anything else.