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As part of the Government's nationwide smart meter rollout, we've got hundreds of technicians now installing smart meters across the UK.

It's as simple as booking the next available time slot for your free smart meter installation.

Who can get a smart meter?

Smart meters are free and available to anyone, but there are a few technical limitations.

Energy meters aren't always located in the most convenient locations. For example, if you live in a flat, your meter could be kept with others in a locked cupboard.

We are always working to ensure smart meters are available to as many people as possible.

Getting your smart meter installed

It takes around an hour to install a smart meter — two hours if you get a smart meter for both fuels — and your energy supply will need to be switched off in this time.

Our technician will take care of everything, including testing your metering equipment along with your energy supply, to make sure everything is working properly.

Finally, our technician will set up your Smart Energy Display (SED) and show you how it works so you can start saving energy.



We’ll let you know if you’re able
to get one installed in your home.

How to get a smart meter installed