Smart Enhanced brings your smart meter to life

See when you've been using energy

Smart Enhanced talks to your smart meter and shows you when you were using energy, broken down by month, day and even half hour*. All this means you can understand when you're using energy, how much it's likely to cost and even compare how much you use to similar homes.

House with secure connection to E.ON

Get hints and tips on saving energy

Find ways to save energy and money, with tips tailored to you and your home. We'll even email you a monthly report, showing you all your usage information for the month in a handy format.

The best bit...

All available online, 24 hours, 7 days a week, your smart meter and Smart Enhanced is FREE.

* This half hour view is made possible by opting in to allow us to receive your half hourly data every month. You'll be able to see a half hourly breakdown of your energy use for the previous month.