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Your meter, but a lot smarter

Smart meters send us your meter readings automatically so you don’t have to.

Your E.ON smart meter comes with a Smart Energy Display (SED) that shows you just how much energy you’re using – in pounds and pence – to help you manage your energy use.

See if you can get a smart meter installed in your home.

Smart meter + Smart Energy Display (SED)

Your new smart meter will replace the one you have now where you currently get your meter readings from.

The Smart Energy Display (SED) is an energy monitor which wirelessly talks to your new smart meter to show you how much energy you're using.

You'll receive a Smart Energy Display (SED) when your smart meter is installed.

What's different?

With a traditional electricity or gas meter, you're probably used to writing down your meter readings each month and submitting them online. With an E.ON smart meter, you'll get:

  1. Your meter readings sent to us automatically and wirelessly each month
  2. Accurate bills instead of estimated ones — no more surprises!
  3. A free Smart Energy Display (SED) to help you monitor your energy usage

Do I need a smart meter?

You don’t have to have one, but because we now use more appliances and devices, our energy use changes dramatically from day to day. This means it's more important than ever to have a system to help us stay on top of energy usage to avoid hefty bills.

We think smart meters are a great way to do this, and we’d like to be able to give everyone the opportunity to have one by 2020. Let Smart Energy GB help you to understand why smart meters are the future.


We'll let you know if you're able

to get one installed in your home.

What is a smart meter?