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Why get a smart meter?

No more shining a torch in your cupboard or sending us meter readings — smart meters are here.

See if you can get a smart meter installed in your home.

No more meter readings

Your meter readings are sent automatically and wirelessly each month from your smart meter.

Say goodbye to estimated bills

Because your meter readings are automatically sent to us, we'll always send you an accurate bill.

Track your energy usage

With your Smart Energy Display (SED) you can see how much you're using and set daily budgets.

Getting on board with the Government rollout

It's free to have a smart meter installed and we already have technicians throughout the UK installing them.

As part of the rollout, Smart Energy GB was set up to spread the word about the benefits of smart meters and why they're good for Britain.



We’ll let you know if you’re able
to get one installed in your home.