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Stay on track with a smart meter

We’ve installed more than a million smart meters, check if you can get yours now and book an appointment online.

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What is a smart meter?

Smart meters are self-reading meters that come with an in-home display. They make life easier because you don’t need to submit meter readings. Your smart in-home display shows you how much energy you’re using in pounds and pence, and gives you the power to set budgets and save money.

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In safe hands

Smart meters are totally safe and secure. Your energy data is transmitted safely, using a dedicated, secure wireless network. You can control how often we get your data.

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How to use it

One of the benefits of smart meters is that they’re simple to use. The smart in-home display gives you easy to read information. We’ve created some quick guides for you.

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Getting it installed

Once you’ve successfully booked an appointment, an expert engineer will come and install your smart meter. We follow the industry standard of the Smart Meter Installation Code of Practice (SMICoP).

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Smart Pay As You Go

Smart Pay As You Go (SPAYG) combines the flexibility of a pay as you go tariff with the convenience of a smart meter. We think you’ll like it. You can top up by app, online, phone or buy a voucher from any post office and redeem online. Plus, with your smart in-home display, you can set up balance alerts to get in control of your energy use and even transfer credit between meters.

Already on Smart Pay As You Go? Find out how to get more from your meter.

Are you a pre-pay customer? If you’d like a smart meter installed for free in your home, use our online booking tool to check if you can get yours now. It’s as easy as that.

I want a smart meter

Any questions about smart meters?

We have the answers on our FAQ page. Our partner Smart Energy GB has lots of information to help you too.

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Are you a business customer?

See how a smart meter could benefit you.

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Not an E.ON customer yet?

You soon could be. Discover the right E.ON tariff for you.

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Stay on track with a smart meter

If you’d like a smart meter installed for free, use our online booking tool to check if we’re ready to install one in your home and to choose the best time for you.

I want a smart meter

How we check if you can have an E.ON smart meter

For E.ON customers, we'll run a personal eligibility check when you go to book your smart meter appointment to see if we can install a smart meters in your home. Whilst we continue to roll out our smart meters across Great Britain, some restrictions may apply, with smart not available if you just get your gas from us. We'll install your meters subject to:

  • Pre-install checks
  • Safe access to your meters
  • Signal availability
  • Payment method or account status
  • Other temporary metering restrictions
  • Availability on certain tariffs.