Changes to our tariffs

As part of an industry wide programme to create a simpler and clearer, fairer and more competitive energy market, in January 2014 we changed our tariffs and the way we pay our discounts.

What did we change?


We’ve moved away from having discounts based on percentages and brought in discounts in £’s. We’re using these clear, fixed amounts to make things simpler. The new discounts are:

  • £20 a year off if you have both your electricity and gas with us
  • Up to £10 a year discount (£5 per fuel) if you choose paperless billing. You’ll get email prompts when they’re ready to see. This means you can view and print your bill at any time

Direct Debit

If you choose to pay by Direct Debit your standing charge will be reduced by £35 per fuel, instead of getting a discount on your bill.

Standing charge

All our tariffs now have a standing charge. This means you’ll pay a fixed amount plus an amount for the energy you actually use, so it’s easier for you to compare tariffs and see what your energy bill covers.

Comparing tariffs

You can see all the information about our tariffs and our Tariff Information Labels, and compare them on our Tariff Information page. You can also find Tariff Comparison Rates (TCR) for each tariff here. A TCR is a figure that can be used as a guide to help you compare your tariff to other ones, either from us or other suppliers. It’s based on how you pay, your standing charge and unit rate. You can find out more about TCRs on our jargon buster pages.

New reward scheme – E.ON rewards

We’ve introduced E.ON Rewards as a thank you for being an electricity or dual fuel customer. You can get 1500 E.ON reward points each year if you sign up, which you can exchange for Tesco Clubcard points or gift vouchers for the high street.

Price alert

We've also introduced Price Alert. If you choose one of our new fixed price tariffs and manage your account online, you can opt in for our Price Alert service. We’ll let you know when we launch a new version of your fixed tariff and you can decide if you want to switch to it or not, with no exit fees.