Heat help and support

Answers to frequently asked questions about your E.ON heating supply and services.

If you're confused about your bill, our guide to understanding your heat bill should help.

If you have a heating emergency, our dedicated 24-hour support team will be able to help you. Please call on 0345 302 4312.

Contacting Us

How can I contact the E.ON Heat Team?

We have a dedicated customer service team of heat specialists who are there to answer any questions you have relating to your heat energy or any related heat queries. Please call us on 0345 302 4312, 8am – 6pm Monday to Friday. Alternatively email heat@eon-uk.com


Our Complaints Handling Procedure, advises how to make a complaint and what we do to make sure we handle all complaints fairly and efficiently. If you wish to make a complaint you can use our online form, call us on 0845 302 4312 (8am – 6pm Monday to Friday), email us at heat@eon-uk.com or write to us at:
Customer Service Centre,
PO Box 7750

Payment Queries

How Can I Pay?

Variable direct debit is our preferred payment option. This is where payment is collected from your monthly bill 14 days after the bill date.

All the different ways to pay are listed on your bill.

If you’d like to discuss your payment method call us on 0345 302 4312 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday or email us at heat@eon-uk.com

If you are having difficulty paying your bill you can read more about our payment guidelines.

Can I pay online?

Unfortunately we don’t offer an online payment facility for E.ON heat customers at the moment. However this is something we are working on. In the meantime you can register to receive your bills by email and set up direct debit payment by using the bank details at the bottom of your bill. For more information about how your bill works, you can view our E.ON heat example bill. For help setting this up call us on 0345 302 4312 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday, or you can email us at heat@eon-uk.com.

Billing Queries

How frequently are bills produced?

Bills are sent out once a month. We’ll take your meter reading remotely as we’re connected to your meter. This way you’ll receive accurate bills, only charging you for what you’ve used. On occasion however, this system can fail and we will be forced to bill you using an estimate reading. If you do receive an estimated bill, please call us on 0345 302 4312 8am - 6pm Monday to Friday. Our team will take a meter reading there and then and provide an accurate bill.

Why are there two parts to my bill?

This is because there are two charges. One for the amount of heat you use each month and the other for the service charge.

We work out your service charge based on the number of days in a month. You'll find more information on service charges in your Welcome Pack.

Our guide to understanding your heat bill shows the breakdown of charges you can expect to see on your bills.

Want to go paperless?

Instead of waiting for your bill to arrive in the post, you can receive it by email. To set this up call us on 0345 302 4312 8am – 6pm Monday to Friday or email us at heat@eon-uk.com

What is my heat unit rate?

A ‘heat unit’ is equal to 1 kWh. Your heat unit rate is the cost per kWh of heat energy you use. The full amount of heat units used will also be reflected on your bill.

I have received an estimated bill what should I do?

All of our heat systems are remotely monitored and read. However, in the unlikely event of receiving an estimated bill please contact the Heat customer services team on 0345 302 4312 who will be able to take an accurate reading, there and then.

Why is there a difference in heat and gas unit prices?

A well maintained gas boiler will operate at around 80% efficiency. This means that for every kWh of gas that you pay for, only 80% of this is actually used to heat your home. The rest is wasted during the heating process. 

A Heat Interface Unit (HIU) takes heat directly from a district heating network so you are paying for the actual heat you use. A kWh of heat is used to directly heat your home, so there is no wastage.

So, although heat unit costs are higher than gas unit costs, fewer units will be used to provide the same level of heat output.

What is the Energy Service Charge?

The Energy Service Charge is a fixed annual charge paid to cover the operation, maintenance and replacement costs of the district heating network including the energy centre and all technology used to supply heat. 

E.ON is contracted to operate and maintain the network on behalf of the freeholder of the developer for the term of our contract with them. This means that it is our responsibility to carry out all routine maintenance, repair, and replacement of any part of the network and or the technology that provides heat to your home/business. 

This means that you can have piece of mind, knowing that we are responsible for all repair and maintenance of your HIU (heat interface unit) at no extra cost to you. 


What do I do when I want to move?

If you are moving home, you need to let us know the date you move out of your property. This is so we can take a meter reading on the day you move so we can calculate your final bill, which we will send to your new address.

To tell us the date of your move, call us from Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm on 0345 302 4312.

Further Advice

Code of practice

Download our code of practice to learn more about the services and support we can offer those with special needs. If you’re of a pensionable age,chronically sick, are registered disabled or have any children under 5 years of age in your home we can place you on our Priority Services Register and update your E.ON account to include details of any special needs you require.

More ways to save

If you’d like to find out some helpful tips on how to save energy and money in your home you can call the E.ON heat on 0345 302 4312 8am - 6pm Monday to Friday or email us at heat@eon-uk.com. You can also visit our saving energy pages for useful help and advice.