Information for our gas prepayment customers

We’ve been made aware of an industry-wide problem with certain gas prepayment meters. This means that some of our customers, who had meters that weren’t working properly, could have overpaid us. The amount of overcharge is a small percentage, some customers having paid no more than £1. We’re looking to fix this issue as soon as possible.

What does this mean for me?

You don’t need to do a thing.

We know exactly which meters have been impacted, and we’ve been contacting each affected customer in order to refund the money they’ve overpaid to us, along with additional compensation.

We’re currently in the process of doing this and aim to have it completed soon. We’re resolving the issue by sending a message to affected meters, in order to correct the way they calculate how much customers are charged.

We’re sorry for any problems this has caused.

If I've been impacted, what is my refund amount?

Refund amounts will vary from customer to customer depending on when your meter was affected and the area you live in.

To give you an idea here is an example -

You’ve been identified to be one of our customers impacted by the problem with some gas prepayment meters.

Since January 2013 you’ve been topping up each week on your prepayment meter and have paid in total £1026 onto your meter. You should have only paid £1000 according to your statement. As you can see, you’ve been slightly overcharged on the prices on your meter.

Now this issue has been picked up, we’ll pay you 8% interest on the overpayment you’ve made.

Overpayment made by you = £26

Interest 8% on £26 (overpayment) = £28.08 total refund.

As we’re expecting this issue to be fixed by May 2015 we’re adding an additional amount to our customers refund. This will cover the overpayment we expect them to make until the issue is fixed, based on energy use over the last 12 months plus an additional 15%.

If I've been impacted, when will I receive my cheque?

If you’ve received a letter advising your meter was one affected, your cheque is already on its way. If you haven’t yet received a letter and don’t know if your affected, we are still processing some accounts and will have completed this by the end of May 2015.

Not every customer is affected, if you haven’t received a letter this means your meter has not been affected. Our contact centres can’t currently advise you on any further details because we’re working through this in the background.

What do affected customers need to do to receive a refund?

Nothing. We’ll contact all customers in the coming months to tell them if they’ve been impacted and to let them have a refund.

How will I receive my refund?

If you've been affected, you'll receive a refund by cheque. The majority of impacted customers will have their refunds issued by the end of May.


What happens if I’ve moved house, or I’m no longer supplied by E.ON?

We’ll try to identify and contact all those customers who have moved house or are no longer supplied by us.