How and where to top up

To make things easy for you, we've made sure you can buy credit from as many places as possible.

Simply take your card or key to any service station or shop where you see the PayPoint or Payzone signs, or at any Post Office.

You can visit their websites to find your nearest top up place:

Payzone symbolPayzone (opens in new window)

Paypoint symbolPaypoint (opens in new window)

Post Office symbol Post Office (opens in new window)

1 Hand over your key or card to the shop assistant and ask for a top up to the value you want. You can only top up in full pounds.

2 Once the shop has taken your money, they will then take your key or card, pop it in their machine and credit it.

3 You then take it home, insert it into your meter...and voila, your credit is transferred to your meter giving you energy to use.

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

There are some people out there who are targeting prepayment customers with the offer of "cheaper top ups". Don't be fooled, as you'll end up paying more.

Here's what can happen and why it's not such a good deal:

Example of fraud