How repayment works

If you have an agreed repayment arrangement with us, your gas or electricity meter will automatically collect what you owe when you credit your meter.

Electricity key meters

You agree a weekly collection rate with us when you set up your repayment plan, which we set on your meter.

We then collect any money you owe us through your meter. All you need to do is top up your meter and the money owed will be taken.

Key meters will automatically take your money hourly over the week, never more than what we agreed. 

Note that the money you owe will still be collected even if you’re using emergency credit. 

Gas meters

Step 1 - The meter checks if you have a weekly collection (you’ll have agreed this with us if you have). If you do and your weekly payment is due, it will take this first from your top up. If you don’t, this step will be skipped.

Step 2 - The meter checks if you’ve used any emergency credit or if you owe anything for a standing charge (your standing charge isn’t collected when you use your emergency credit, so you need to pay it back when you next top up). If you do, this will be taken from whatever’s left after step 1. If you don’t, this step will be skipped.

The money left after the first 2 steps is available to use for gas

It breaks down like this; 

Diagram showing how gas repayment works through meter - E.ON

When topping up try to make sure you put enough money on your gas card to pay back any emergency credit and weekly collection you might owe, and enough to still give you gas

Something to bear in mind

It’s worth checking if you owe any money to the meter before you top up. Doing this will make sure you top up enough to keep your gas on.

How to check your weekly collection rate (if you’re repaying a debt through your meter)

Press and hold the red button on your meter until it beeps, your meter setting screens should now be showing. Keep pressing the red button and the number in the bottom corner of the screen will change. Your collection rate is shown on screen 26. This amount is taken on your first top up after each Wednesday.

Checking how much you owe for emergency credit and your standing charge (only if you’ve used your emergency credit)

Press the red button once (without holding it down) this will show your “owed” screen. This is how much you owe the meter for your emergency credit and standing charge.