Your free Smart Pay As You Go meter

We’re sorry we're currently unable to install a Smart Pay As You Go meter for you

A Smart Energy Display (SED) sitting on a table - Smart Pay As You Go from E.ON

Unfortunately, we’re at an early stage of installing Smart Pay As You Go meters, so we’re only fitting them in specific areas and for certain types of properties.

You can still get a smart meter

We’ve checked our system and you’re still able to get a smart meter for your current payment method. Check out our smart pages to see if a smart meter's right for you and then choose the option below to make your booking .

Alternatively, you can register your interest below. We'll be in touch to let you know we've registered your interest and again when you can book an appointment.


Create an online account to get ready for Smart Pay As You Go

It's free, gives you complete control of your energy account 24 hours a day, and you'll be able to unlock the full benefits of Smart Pay As You Go when you're able to switch.

Using an online account with Smart Pay As You Go will let you

  • Stay in control – you’ll be able to do so much more than just top up and view your balance
  • Manage your money by transferring credit between meters as and when you need to
  • Access E.ON Optimum and track your energy use.
  • Set up balance alerts and reminders
  • View your bills / statements and top up online


It only takes a moment to get an online account

Let us know a few details and we'll send you an email so you can activate your account. Then you're ready to go.