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  • A few good reasons…

    Paperless billing – depending on how you pay and the tariff you're on, you could save up to £10 a year (that's £5 for electricity and £5 for gas.)

    Meter readings – no need to wait for a meter reader, just pop your readings in online for more accurate bills

    See your tariff – check your prices and any relevant discounts

    Moving with us – tell us if you're moving house so we can transfer your energy account to your new home

    Stay in touch – see your emails to us and our replies

    Know the cost – check your tariff prices and any relevant discounts

  • The smart way to manage your energy

    Manage your account with our smartphone app. It's available for Apple and Android devices.

  • Stay in control with a Direct Debit

    Setting up a Direct Debit and get access to your Direct Debit Manager which lets you see how we’ve calculated your Direct Debit. You’ll also pay the same amount each month to spread the cost of your bill, and be able to change how much you pay each month so your balance is £0 at your annual review.

    We’ll get in touch if your Direct Debit needs to change.

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  • Use no more than you need

    You'll get access to your Saving Energy Toolkit, which allows you to see how your energy use compares with similar homes.

    We'll give you personalised hints and tips so you can set yourself energy saving goals.

    You can compare your current energy use against previous periods to see if you’re using more or less energy than before.

Or if you’d like to find out more first