Billing and payments

How do I get a copy of my bill?

You can view and download your bills in your online account. If you don't have one, you can sign up for an online account here. By choosing to receive your bills online you'll get an annual £5 discount for going paperless.

Can I change my tariff?

You may be able to change your tariff, but this will depend on the terms of your contract. To find out if you can, give us a call us on 0345 302 4312. We're here from Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.



I don’t think my bill is correct, what do I do?

If you think your bill is incorrect, please call us on 0345 302 4312 with your reading. We're here from Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm. Or you can email us at [email protected].

I've received an estimated bill what should I do?

We're sorry about this.  We’ll always try to collect your reading through your automatic meter reading system (AMR) but sometimes a weak signal could affect this. 

You can provide a meter read and request a new bill by either: 

  • Calling us on 0345 302 4312 with your reading.

There's a five digit number ending in kWh that can be found on or near your Heat Interface Unit (HIU). Don't forget to include any zeros when providing your meter reading - for example if your reading is 1234, you'll need to send us 01234. This way we can ensure that we bill you correctly.

If you’re unable to see the reading you may need to press the button next to the screen. If you can’t find your reading please give us a call. We're here from Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.

You can also send your meter reading through your online account.

Why is there a difference in heat and gas unit prices?

A well maintained gas boiler will operate at around 80% efficiency. This means that for every kWh of gas that you pay for, only 80% of this is actually used to heat your home. The rest is wasted during the heating process. 

A Heat Interface Unit (HIU) takes heat directly from a district heating network so you're paying for the actual heat you use. A kWh of heat is used to directly heat your home, so there's no waste.

So, although heat unit costs are higher than gas unit costs, fewer units will be used to provide the same level of heat output.

The Heat price set for any Contract Year shall always be less than, or equal to the Maximum Heat Price as calculated in accordance with the following formula:

Maximum Heat Price = (2.52*G) – (0.55*E) + NFVC  

Where 'G' is the wholesale annual gas offer price (p/KWh) for an April contract start as published by ICIS Heren (NBP Price Assessments)  x 1.05 plus Industry Standard Non Energy Costs as provided by us at the time of price review.

'E' is the wholesale annual electricity bid price (p/KWh) less 10% for an April contract start as published by ICIC Heren (UK OTC Power Price Assessments); and:

'NFVC' is 2.65 p /kWh as at April 2017 subject to an increase each Contract Year in accordance with the Retail Price Index excluding mortgage interest (RPIx).

Can I go paperless?

In order to receive paperless bills, you need to have an online account.  You can register for an online account here and once signed up, you can manage your bills and payments.

As you're helping reduce our paper use you'll even receive an annual £5 discount for going paperless.

What information is on my Heat bill?

The information on your bill includes: 

  • Heat unit rate

A Heat unit is equal to 1 kWh.  Your heat unit rate is the cost per kWh of heat you use. The full amount of heat units used will reflected on your bill.

  • Energy Service Charge

Your Energy Service Charge covers the operation, maintenance and replacement costs of your Heat network including the Energy Centre used to supply your heat.

  • VAT (Charged at 5%)

What if I'm struggling to pay my bill?

If you, or someone you care for, are struggling to pay an energy bill let us know as soon as possible. Please call us on 0345 302 4312,  so we can talk about the ways we can help you. We're here from Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.

It starts with a chat

We really want to help and understand what the problem is, so when you phone please tell us if:

  • Your circumstances have changed.
  • You’re struggling to pay.
  • You or someone in your house is of pensionable age, has a long or short-term illness or has a dependency on electricity or gas.

We'll talk to you about your situation so we can offer the best advice. 

Can you help me with my payments?

To make sure we support you in the best possible way, we may ask you questions about your current financial situation. We’re sorry if this feels like we’re being nosey, we’ll only ask for this information to help us provide the right support to help you to pay your bills.

Once we understand, we'll try and find a way to help that's tailored to your circumstances. We can:   

  • Work with you to set up a payment plan that takes into account your situation and your ability to pay. If you stop paying us, we’ll contact you to see how we can help. This can now include the option to pay your final bill by fixed monthly Direct Debit.
  • Provide advice to help you save energy and money.