Where is my meter?

Your meter is part of your Heat Interface Unit (HIU) and usually in a white utility cupboard in your property, but sometimes it might be outside. If you can't find it - then please contact us, your concierge, or your property management company/housing association.

How do I read my meter?

Most HIUs have readable displays, however there are a few which have internal meters which don't have a display.

If you don't have a display it means you have an internal meter and we'll need to arrange a for an engineer to come and visit to read your meter. 

To read your display, there's a five digit number ending in kWh that can be found on or near your HIU. Don't forget to include any zeros  when providing your meter reading - for example if your reading is 1234, you'll need to send us 01234. This way we can ensure that we bill you correctly.

How to read your meter