Joining us

How do I join E.ON?

Thanks for choosing us. So that we can find the right tariff for you, we’ll need to start by asking you a few quick questions. You can do this online.

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Why join E.ON?

  • uSwitch named us the easiest large supplier to switch to for 2019
  • The Energy Switch Guarantee means you'll get a safe and speedy switch from one energy provider to another

Do I need to let my existing supplier know I'm joining E.ON?

No, we'll let them know for you. To help make sure your switch goes as smoothly as possible, please clear any outstanding balance with your existing supplier straight away.

If you're a prepayment customer you may have the option of transferring your balance over to us. We can usually do this if your debt is up to £500 for each fuel. If you’d like to do so, please contact your existing supplier.

What should I do if my supplier is objecting to me switching to E.ON?

You’ll need to speak to your existing supplier as soon as possible to resolve the objection, otherwise your switch will be cancelled.

To help make sure your switch goes as smooth as possible, please clear any outstanding balance with your existing supplier straight away.

Exit fees will not be applied if you're in your renewal window (this can be up to 49 days before your renewal date). 

When will you need my opening meter readings?

We'll contact you when we need you to send us your opening meter readings.

We'll need your meter readings to set up your account. We'll also send them to your existing supplier so they can close your account.

If you don't submit meter readings we'll still switch your account but we'll have to use estimated meter readings.

I've submitted my opening meter readings but my online account is still saying I need them in. Why is this?

It can take around three to five days to process your meter readings, so you may stay on the meter reading stage of your switch even if you've submitted them. We'll update your account shortly so you don't need to do anything.

How will I know when my switch to E.ON is complete?

During your switch to us, we’ll provide you with an estimated start date. Once your switch is complete, we’ll be in touch.

You can track your switch at any time by logging into your online account. If you don't have one you can register for an online account.

What should I do if I haven't had a final bill from my old supplier?

We'll send your opening meter readings to your old supplier so they can close your account.

It can take up to 30 days for everything to be sorted. If your switch date was more than 30 days ago, you should get in touch with your old supplier and ask them about your final bill.

I've just joined E.ON - can I cancel this?

You can stop your transfer to E.ON providing you tell us during your cooling off period, (i.e. 14 calendar days from the date you agreed to join us). However if you tell us beyond this window, then we must first complete the transfer from your old supplier to ourselves, before we can start to transfer you out to an alternative supplier.

Will my smart meter still work if I join E.ON?

Your smart meter will still work even if you join us from another supplier.

If you have a first generation Smart meter installed at your property, you may lose smart functionality when you change supplier. Your Smart meter will still record your usage, you’ll just need to submit your meter readings online. The industry is working hard to make these meters Smart again by 2022