About smart meters

Why should I have a smart meter?

We’d like every eligible customer to have a smart meter in their home, but you don’t have to have them if you don’t want to. If you do you’ll be able to:

  • Have more accurate bills
  • Not have to read your meter
  • Track your energy usage with your In Home Display (IHD) — included with your smart meter installation.

My smart meter isn't working properly. What do I do?

If your smart meter isn’t behaving very smart, check the user guide to see if there’s a good reason. It could be the display is asleep to conserve its battery or it might be in a different mode to the one you’re used to. 

If it’s beeping - it may be because you’ve reached your budget limit. The user guide has lots of useful information on how to resolve these types of problem. If you can’t find the user guide we left during the installation, there’s no need to panic. We’ve got an online version

If you've recently joined us from another supplier and have a first generation Smart meter, your smart meter might not work straight away but the industry is working hard to get these meters enrolled by 2022.

If you’re still not sure what’s wrong, you can always contact us.

I've just changed supplier and my smart meter isn't working. What do I do?

If you have a first generation Smart meter installed at your property, you may lose smart functionality when you change supplier. Your Smart meter will still record your usage, you’ll just need to submit your meter readings online. The industry is working hard to make these meters Smart again by 2022. 

As soon as we’re communicating with your smart meter again, we’ll let you know.


An introduction to Smart Meters

I'm moving home, what do I do with my display?

If you're moving home, please leave your In Home Display at your property so the new homeowner can benefit from using it. You could leave it somewhere they can find it, such as a kitchen worktop or counter. Don't forget to tell us you're moving home. Get in touch with our moving house form.

I've just moved in and there's a smart meter, but not a separate display?

If you have an E.ON smart meter but not a separate display, we can provide a new one for you. Just contact us so we can check what type of meter you have and arrange for a smart technician to visit your property.

I've been told I can't have a smart meter yet. Why's this?

We're in the early days of installing smart meters, so you might be able to get one depending on where you live, the strength of the mobile phone signal in your area and a few other things.

If you're not able to have a smart meter yet, you can register your interest and as soon as we're able to install your meter, we'll contact you to let you know. In the meantime, take a look at E.ON See for information about the energy you use and how it can help you take control of your bills.

How do smart meters work?

Smart meters work in the same way as a normal gas or electricity meter – they're just more clever. A smart meter will talk to your smart energy display in your home to show you how much energy you’re using, and will also communicate remotely with your energy supplier so you’re billed correctly. The smart meters we’re installing at the moment communicate using GPRS technology – the same kind of technology that mobile phones use.

Find out more about smart meters.

How safe is a smart meter?

The safety and wellbeing of our customers is extremely important to us, and as your energy supplier we would not install anything in your home in the knowledge that it may hurt you. We take advice from the government on such matters and all our products conform to Health Protection Agency (HPA) standards and guidelines. 

Will a smart meter save me money?

Not directly no, your smart energy display gives you the tools to understand more about your energy use, such as how much energy you are using now and how much you've used yesterday, last week, month and year. By understanding what you've used you should be able to take action to reduce how much you use which can help you reduce your energy bills.

I have a smart meter, so why are you asking for my reading?

Your smart meter sends us your readings automatically by GPRS (the same system that your mobile phone uses). As you'll probably know from using a mobile phone, sometimes there are times when they don’t work because the signal may not be strong enough or it is blocked. This is the same for your smart meter, which means there may be times when we need to ask you for a reading so we can still send you an accurate bill. If you have a smart meter that was fitted by another supplier, we may not be able to receive reads from it, so we might have to send our meter readers around or ask you for a meter reading.

I have a smart meter – shouldn't my bill be accurate?

If we installed your smart meter:

Sometimes we might lose connection with your smart meter. This could be because there is a physical obstruction in the way, or even because of changes in the weather. We’ll try to get an automatic read from your meter next time but if your smart bill continues to be estimated then please contact us so we can understand how we can get your smart meter working again.

If another supplier installed your smart meter:

We are unfortunately not able to operate meters installed by other suppliers as smart. We are working with the industry and Government on a solution to this and hope to have something in place soon. We should then be able to update your smart meter, but you will need to provide us with meter readings in the short term.

How much will a smart meter cost?

There is no cost for having smart meters or the smart energy display installed. 

Why do the lights on my smart meter keep flashing?

There's nothing to worry about. Just like an internet hub, smart meters flash to let you know they're working.

How accurate is the cost that is shown on the display?

Your display will use your exact unit rate, however this won't take into account any standing charges, discounts or VAT, so the cost that is shown will not exactly match that shown on your bill.

Where should I put my In Home Display in my home?

The majority of our customers tell us they put their display in the kitchen, so they can see it on a regular basis, but it's up to you where you put it. Just make sure it won't get wet, that it's near a socket and is close enough to your meter so that the signal is strong enough to send your energy data.

Will my energy tariff change if I get a smart meter?

Your tariff won't change, but in the future we'll be introducing tariffs which will help you to make further savings with your smart meter. We’re always trying to make sure you're getting the right tariff for you. Check out our tariffs to find out more.

Will my bill change once I get a smart meter?

Your first bill after your smart meters have been installed will look slightly different to your previous bills, as it will show you your old meter and new meter details. The final reading for your old meter will be taken by our smart technician and your new smart meter will be billed to actual readings we've taken automatically from your meter. All bills after this will just show your use on your smart meter.

Can I still manage my account online if I get a smart meter?

You can still review and pay your bills online if you have a smart meter, and check you're on the right tariff for you.

The benefit of a smart meter is that you'll no longer need to provide us with your readings online, as these will be sent to us automatically and updated each month. Register to manage your account online.

Will my Direct Debit calculation or review change if I get a smart meter?

The way that your Direct Debit payments are calculated will not change, however having regular reads from your smart meter means that we’ll be able to calculate and review your payments more accurately. That way we can make sure the Direct Debit payments you make will better reflect your annual use.

If I change my supplier, will my smart meter still work?

If you change supplier, you may lose some of the benefits of having a smart meter. Your smart meter and energy display will still communicate with each other to show you how much energy you're using, however, it will not show the cost. Depending on who you've switched to, your meter readings may be retrieved automatically and be used for billing, but your supplier may also need a manual meter reading - either from you or a visiting meter reader. Also if your smart energy display becomes faulty, your new supplier may not be able to replace it.

I generate my own electricity. Will that impact how my display works?

Your display will show you information about the electricity you’re buying from us, but it won’t include the energy you’re generating yourself, from things like solar panels. In other words, your display will show you how much energy you’ll need to pay for.

What data do you get from my meter?

How much data we collect from your meter is up to you. We collect a meter reading from your smart meter once a month and you smart meter(s) also store information on how much energy you're using (consumption data) every day or every half an hour. You will have told us what sort of information we can collect when you booked your smart meter appointment. To find out how much data we're currently collecting from your meter or how to change it you can log in to your online account. 

Who else will see this data?

Smart meter data is not shared with third parties, unless you ask us to.

Why do you need all this data?

We use the data from your smart meter to make sure we offer you the best service that we can. If we have a good picture of your energy use, in the future we'll be able to recommend products and energy saving measures specially tailored to you, to make sure we're giving you everything you need to save energy and money.

How do I change what data you get?

You can choose how much data we can get from your meter(s). We'll ask you what you want to choose before your smart meter is installed or when you move home, but you can get in touch and change it online or on the phone at any time. To check how much data we're currently getting, log in and go to change your details. 

How secure is the information sent from the smart meter?

Protecting the data supplied by the smart meter is something we take very seriously. We've been working with the UK Government and their expert advisers to develop a secure way to make sure that we keep and maintain the highest level of security. All of the systems that are used have gone through thorough security testing. All the information from the smart meters will be sent to us securely and stored safely. We’ll use security measures to protect your data at all times.