In Home Display (IHD)

Why does my display say 'Waiting for current data'?

Your IHD may be struggling to get a signal, so try moving it closer to your electricity meter. Restart the IHD by using the power button, and wait for the data to appear.

If that doesn't work, your meter may be struggling to connect to the network. This is a known issue that the energy industry are working hard to try and fix. If the problem persists you can contact us.

I'm a dual fuel customer, why can't I see one of my fuels?

If your meters have been installed for more than 48 hours and the data hasn't appeared on your IHD, try restarting it by using the power button. If that doesn't work, please contact us.

I'm a Pay As You Go customer and I've been disconnected. How do I get back on supply?


You can do this via your IHD by navigating to 'Activate Supply' in the main menu and pressing OK. You will then be asked to confirm. 

Once confrimed, you will be asked to make sure it is safe to activate, please make sure it is safe to do so and press OK.

You can also activate the supply via your meter, please make sure it is safe to do so, go to the meter and follow the screen instructions.



To activate your gas supply (if applicable), please make sure it is safe to do so. Go to the meter and follow the on screen instructions. 


What should I do if my IHD isn't charging or switching on?

There are a few things you can try to get your IHD charging:

  • Try a different plug socket to confirm it is the unit that isn't charging
  • Make sure that you keep trying the power button, which might be on the back of the device and difficult to see, or it could be a button that says 'OK'
  • If your device is charging properly, it will display an icon at the top of the screen to let you know

My screen is too bright, how do I dim it?

Find 'Settings' in the main menu and select 'Screen Brightness'. You can adjust the brightness according to your display. 

Why is my IHD making a noise?

Your IHD will make an audible noise for:

  • any key presses
  • low battery
  • budget warning (if set)
  • and if you are about to enter low credit (PAYG only)

These noise alerts can be turned off in 'Settings' in the main menu, apart from low battery alerts. 

Can I use my IHD to identify faulty appliances?

The monitor won't identify if the appliance is faulty, however keep an eye on the monitor when different appliances are turned on and off. Check the consumption against the manufacturer's specification, it may differ slightly and older machines are almost certain to use more. There will come a time when the appliance is using far more than it should and replacement should be considered.

I'm a Pay As You Go customer, why does my IHD not display my top-up history?

If your IHD does not display your last 5 top-ups don't worry, they can be found on your meter.

What happens to the data if I unplug my IHD?

No data will be recorded while the monitor is unplugged. Your reports will show no information for the time period when the monitor is off.

To make sure you keep a copy of any data recorded prior to the monitor being unplugged, we recommend that when you switch the monitor on you download your data using the Energy Fit Software. You can then set the time and the monitor will continue to record your energy usage. Remember to download information at least every 30 days to maintain a continuous record.

Smart In Home Display

I'm a Pay As You Go Customer, why can't I see my gas payment on the home screen?

It's perfectly normal for it to take up to 30 minutes for your IHD to show your gas payment on screen.

Why is there a value on my IHD first thing in the morning?

Your IHD will show your Standing Charge each day, which usually refreshes aroudn midnight each day. You can check your Standing Charge in the main menu under 'Account Information'.

What happens with my IHD if I move home?

If you’re moving home you need to leave the smart meter in-home display behind. Please switch it off and leave it somewhere visible, we suggest somewhere on the kitchen worktop. This is because it’s connected to the meter/meters of the property you are leaving and will be of no use in your new home.

If you change to a different supplier, it will still be compatible and you won’t need to get a new one. Each energy supplier has their own policy and could limit some of your display functionality, so please contact your new supplier to find out more. 

Why do I see some dashes instead of energy (watts) occasionally?

From time to time the display unit may temporarily lose its signal. This can be caused by a number of reasons (including being out of range of the transmitter). Please ensure it is within the range of the electricity meter. If it is then it should reconnect in a matter of seconds.

How much electricity does the energy monitor use?

That depends on your unit costs, but an energy monitor uses about 2p a week to run as its electricity consumption is less than 1 watt. This is approximately the same as a standard mobile phone charger.

Why is the energy used different to that on my electricity meter?

The energy monitor is specifically designed to highlight areas of usage (and more importantly wastage). It is not intended to replace your more accurate meter. It can complement your installed system by showing you what appliances are costing money now or recently, whereas your meter will show you accumulated usage. The monitor receives information every six seconds whereas your meter continually records usage.