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It's worth checking which In Home Display you have as some of our instructions can vary depending on which device you have. 


If you have a SMETS1 meter type, your In Home Display will have a black and white screen.

SMETS2 Chameleon

If you have a SMETS 2 Chameleon meter the In Home Display will have a colour screen. 


If you have a SMETS 2 IHDL meter the In Home Display will have a colour screen. 

What to do if a payment hasn’t reached your meter straight away and we’ve sent you a code


If your payment hasn’t reached your meter, a top up may need to be performed via manual entry of a 20-digit number that we will send to you. This is done as follows:

Press A on the keypad followed by the 20 digit number and then B.

If you make a mistake, press A to start again. If you enter an incorrect code five times in a row, you'll see a KEY LOCKED message and won't be able to try again for 20 seconds.

SMETS 2 Chameleon:

You'll be sent an email or text with a 20-digit number, this is what you’ll need to do:

On your in-home display press OK

Use the arrow buttons and scroll to ‘Apply Top Up’. Press OK

Press the fuel button to select which fuel you are entering a top up code for

You'll then be prompted to enter your 20-digit top-up code

Using arrow buttons find the number (0 - 9) you need to insert, once you have found it, press OK to confirm. The cursor will move to the next space and you will need to repeat the above steps, until all numbers are entered

Once complete, to confirm press OK. It will say ‘Top Up Sent’ . You will receive a message which will confirm if the top-up has been Accepted/Rejected

To view the message, press OK and use arrow buttons to scroll to ‘Messages’


Press OK to activate the IHD. Press OK again to open the Main Menu.

Using arrow keys select fuel and press OK to confirm. In the fuel menu press OK to select My Account. Scroll down and select ‘My Top Ups’ by pressing OK. Press OK again to ‘Top Up Now’.

Using arrow buttons find the number (0 - 9) you need to insert, once you have found it, press OK to confirm. If you have got a number wrong use the return button to go back to the number you want to correct and press OK once corrected. Once all the digits are entered hold OK to submit and you will be prompted to confirm, press OK again.

If the number has been entered correctly you will see the payment is processing. You can Dismiss the message whilst the payment is sent to the meter.

How to activate your emergency credit


You are unable to select EMCR on your IHD for SMETS 1 please follow the meter guide

SMETS 2 Chameleon:

If you have less than £2 on on your meter for either gas or electricity, the IHD will show that emergency credit is available for that fuel. Press 'OK' to access the Emergency Credit screen. Press 'OK' to activate the emergency credit. Once selected, on the front screen you will see there is emergency credit selected, this will be used once the normal credit runs out. Once the credit has ran out the front screen shows 'EC Balance' and both (or the fuel you have selected) fuels emergency credit in use


Press ‘OK’ to activate the IHD. Press ‘OK’ again to open the Main Menu. Using up and down keys select fuel and press ‘OK’ to confirm. In the fuel menu press ‘OK’ to select My Account - then ‘OK’ to select ‘My Credit’. If the option is there to select EMCR press ‘OK’. When prompted ‘Are you sure’ scroll down to ‘Yes’ and press ‘OK’. Wait a few seconds and confirmation will come back

How can I tell if I am using my emergency credit or not?


You’ll be able to tell if you’re using your emergency credit by checking your In Home Display. If you’ve got an icon on the screen that says “EMERGENCY CREDIT” next to an exclamation mark and the initials “EC” you’re using your emergency credit.

If it just says “EMERGENCY CREDIT” without the exclamation mark and “EC” then that means you’re not using it, but you have some available to use.

SMETS 2 Chameleon:

Shows Available next to the fuel symbol when EMCR becomes available. Shows Selected next to the fuel symbol when EMCR activated but still in credit. Shows IN USE next to the fuel symbol when using EMCR


Select OK to access Main Menu, the use scroll up down to select fuel, then select My Account then select My Credit, bottom of screen will show emergency activated and the amount remaining


How to get back on supply after your meter has been disconnected


  • Unable to do this by using your In Home Display, follow the instructions on the gas meter

SMETS 2 Chameleon:

Elecricity only

  • Select the electricity fuel by pressing fuel button. Press OK to access ‘Activate Supply’ and press OK again. Press OK again to Enable Electricity Supply


  • Unable to do this by using your In Home Display, follow the instructions on the gas meter



  • Press ‘OK’to open the Main Menu.
  • Press ‘OK’ to Select Electricity
  • Scroll down to Enable Supply and Press ‘OK’
  • You’ll be prompted to check the electric system is safe (You can select dismiss if it isn’t)
  • If it is safe to do this scroll down and ‘Enable Supply’


  • Unable to do this by using your In Home Display, follow the instructions on the gas meter

Frequently asked questions

My IHD says “waiting for data” what does this mean?

We are aware of some customers who are experiencing this message on their In Home Display. Working with the network provider we have organised a regular update to your meters which may resolve this issue.

Turn off your In Home Display (the power button will be on the back) and take it to your electricity meter before turning the device back on.

If your IHD still shows the message, is the time correct on the display?

If it is, this is a known issue that the network company (DCC) are working on. We will need to wait for this update and we’ve no current timescale for this issue to be resolved. You can use E.ON See in the meantime to help you track your usage.

If it isn't what is the signal bar doing in the top left corner?

  • Solid – Is your meter amongst other meters or in a communal cupboard? Moving your IHD to a different position away from other meters and devices may resolve the issue.
  • Single dot – this confirms the IHD is joined to the network however it’s not getting a great signal, check again for obstructions and keep the IHD close to the meter.  If this continues you can email us at [email protected] so we can investigate further. Please remember to include your name and account number.
  • Flashing on/off – this indicates the IHD might have become un-joined and you will need to email us at [email protected] so we can investigate further. Please remember to include your name and account number.
  • Radiating - If this signal bar is repeatedly going up and down this indicates the IHD might have become un-joined and you will need to email us at [email protected] so we can investigate further. Please remember to include your name and account number.

Please be sure to check your junk email folder for any replies from us.

I'm a Pay As You Go customer, why does my IHD not display my top-up history?

If your IHD does not display your last 5 top-ups don't worry, they can be found on your meter.

Why can’t I see my gas payment on the home screen?

It's perfectly normal for it to take up to 30 minutes for your IHD to show your gas payment on screen.

Why is there a value on my IHD first thing in the morning?

Your IHD will show your Standing Charge each day, which usually refreshes around midnight each day. You can check your Standing Charge in the main menu under “Account Information”.

I'm a dual fuel customer, why can't I see one of my fuels?

If your meters have been installed for more than 48 hours and the data hasn't appeared on your IHD, try restarting it by using the power button. If that doesn't work, please contact us.

What happens with my IHD if I move home?

If you’re moving home you need to leave the smart meter in-home display behind. Please switch it off and leave it somewhere visible, we suggest somewhere on the kitchen worktop. This is because it’s connected to the meter/meters of the property you are leaving and will be of no use in your new home.

If you change to a different supplier, it will still be compatible and you won’t need to get a new one. Each energy supplier has their own policy and could limit some of your display functionality, so please contact your new supplier to find out more. 

What should I do if my IHD isn't charging or switching on?

There are a few things you can try to get your IHD charging:

  • Try a different plug socket to confirm it is the unit that isn't charging
  • Make sure that you keep trying the power button, which might be on the back of the device and difficult to see, or it could be a button that says 'OK'
  • If your device is charging properly, it will display an icon at the top of the screen to let you know

My screen is too bright, how do I dim it?

Find 'Settings' in the main menu and select 'Screen Brightness'. You can adjust the brightness according to your display. 

Why is my IHD making a noise?

Your IHD will make an audible noise for:

  • any key presses
  • low battery
  • budget warning (if set)
  • and if you are about to enter low credit (PAYG only)

These noise alerts can be turned off in 'Settings' in the main menu, apart from low battery alerts. 

Can I use my IHD to identify faulty appliances?

The monitor won't identify if the appliance is faulty, however keep an eye on the monitor when different appliances are turned on and off. Check the consumption against the manufacturer's specification, it may differ slightly and older machines are almost certain to use more. There will come a time when the appliance is using far more than it should and replacement should be considered.

Why do I see some dashes instead of energy (watts) occasionally?

From time to time the display unit may temporarily lose its signal. This can be caused by a number of reasons (including being out of range of the transmitter). Please ensure it is within the range of the electricity meter. If it is then it should reconnect in a matter of seconds.

How much electricity does the IHD use?

That depends on your unit costs, but an energy monitor uses about 2p a week to run as its electricity consumption is less than 1 watt. This is approximately the same as a standard mobile phone charger.

Why is the energy used different to that on my electricity meter?

The energy monitor is specifically designed to highlight areas of usage (and more importantly wastage). It is not intended to replace your more accurate meter. It can complement your installed system by showing you what appliances are costing money now or recently, whereas your meter will show you accumulated usage. The monitor receives information every six seconds whereas your meter continually records usage.

If I change my supplier, will my In Home Display still work?

Your smart meter will still work even if you join us from another supplier.

If you have a first generation Smart meter installed at your property, you may lose smart functionality when you change supplier. Your Smart meter will still record your usage but your In Home Display may not look as expected and you’ll just need to submit your meter readings online. The industry is working hard to make these meters Smart again by 2022. 

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