Smart Pay As You Go

What type of smart meter do I have?

It’s worth checking what meter type you have as some of our instructions below are dependent on whether you have a SMETS1 or a SMETS2 Smart Meter.

The quickest, and easiest way to tell is by your In-home Display.  



With a SMETS1 meter, the In-home Display has a black and white screen and looks like this.



If you have a SMETS2 meter the In-home Display has a colour screen and will look like this.

What to do if a payment hasn’t reached your meter straight away and we’ve sent you a code


If your payment hasn’t reached your meter, top ups may need to be performed via manual entry of a 20-digit number that we will send to you. This is done as follows:

  • Press A on the keypad followed by the first digit and then B. Repeat until all digits have been entered
  • If you make a mistake, press A to start again. If you enter an incorrect code five times in a row, you'll see a KEY LOCKED message and won't be able to try again for 20 seconds.


If you’re sent an email or text with a 20-digit number, this is what you’ll need to do:

  • On your in-home display press OK
  • Use the arrow buttons and scroll to ‘Apply Top Up’. Press OK
  • You will then be prompted to enter your 20-digit top-up code
  • Using arrow buttons find the number (0 - 9) you need to insert, once you have found it, press OK to confirm. The cursor will move to the next space and you will need to repeat the above steps, until all numbers are entered
  • Once complete, to confirm press OK. It will say ‘Top Up Sent’ . You will receive a message which will confirm if the top-up has been Accepted/Rejected
  • To view the message, press OK and use arrow buttons to scroll to ‘Messages’

How to activate your emergency credit


If your balance falls below £2 and you can’t top up your meter straight away, you can activate your £5 emergency credit.

If your meter display shows ‘EC OFFERED’ press button ‘A’. If it doesn’t, press ‘7’ on the keypad then button ‘A’.

After you’ve activated emergency credit, we’ll still collect your daily standing charge and any repayment plan debts due. Once the emergency credit is used up, your supply will disconnect unless you top up.


Your display will alert you when your balance is running low. You’ll set your low balance value when you first sign up and if you’d like to change it, you can do so via the app.

Following a low credit alert, your meter will make £5 emergency credit available to you. To activate your emergency credit, press Menu/OK and select ‘activate emergency credit’. The screen will update to show you that the emergency credit has been selected and will be used when the credit has been depleted.

How to get back on supply after your meter has been disconnected


If you’ve been disconnected, your Smart in-home display will show you how much you need to top up, or you can press button B on your meter keypad.

Once you’re back in credit your electricity supply will automatically reconnect. To get your gas supply back on you’ll need to press ‘B’ on your meter followed by ‘A’ and then ‘B’ within 30 seconds of each other.

For everything else relating to your new smart pay as you go meter, please refer to your welcome booklet or alternatively give us a call.


For your Electricity

If your electricity meter has been disconnected, when you top up you’ll automatically be reconnected when you’re back in credit. Please be aware that any appliance left on or plugged in may restart as soon as the meters reactivate. These include appliances such as electric hobs, heaters and hairstylers.

If your electricity meter has not automatically reconnected, you can do this yourself on your in-home display or meter:

In-home display

  • On your in-home display screen it should say ‘Activate Supply’ if you are disconnected. Press OK
  • You will be asked to confirm the activation. Press OK
  • Once confirmed, you will be asked to make sure it is safe to activate. Please make sure you have all electrical appliances off before confirming. To confirm press OK.


Follow the instructions on the meter.

For your Gas

If your gas meter has been disconnected and you’re topping up, you’ll need to reactivate your gas meter manually. To get your gas supply back on you’ll need to follow the instructions on your meter. Be careful not to leave any gas appliances such as gas hobs and fires switched on whilst you’re disconnected.

I need to enter a valid amount when I'm topping up. What's that?

You can only top up with a minimum of £1. If you’re topping up more than £80, you’ll need to enter full pounds only, for example £83 not £83.50. You also can't type in any special characters or letters.

You won't be able to top up if it takes you over your daily £300 limit (single fuel) or £600 (dual fuel). If it is going to take you over we'll let you know on screen and you'll be able to enter a smaller amount.

I'm having trouble using a Smart Pay As You Go voucher. What do the errors mean?

You can buy an E.ON top up voucher at any post office. You’ll then need to visit to activate the voucher before you can use it, or you can call our automated service on 0800 015 6368.

If you’re getting an error message when you try to input your voucher number, here’s what the errors might mean and what you can do:

  • Please enter numbers only – all our voucher codes contain numbers only, no letters or symbols.
  • Sorry your voucher number isn’t valid. Please check and try again – we aren’t able to find this number in our systems. We’ll automatically add spaces after every four digits, so if you also press the spacebar, you’ll run out of room to enter a full code. It could also mean the voucher has been voided by the store where you bought the voucher.
  • Sorry your voucher has already been used – you can only redeem a voucher once, so if you try to use it again you’ll get this error message.
  • Your voucher has already been refunded and can’t be used again – if you’ve already returned the voucher to the store and been given a refund, you won’t be able to use that voucher later on.

If you continue to get these error messages you may be told you’ll need to wait awhile before trying again. If you think your voucher is valid and you’re still seeing an error message, please get in touch with us

How should I split my Smart Pay As You Go voucher between my electricity and gas?

If you’re a Dual Fuel customer, we’ll make a recommendation on how your voucher could be split between your electricity and gas meters based on your recent top ups. If you’ve not topped up before, or if we can’t get your balances, we’ll set the slider bar to an equal split between your electricity and gas.

If you want to choose the split yourself, you can either enter the amounts into the box manually, or drag the slider bar left or right until you’ve selected how you’d like to make the split.

You’ll need to split your voucher in full pounds only, and the slider bar will move the amounts in blocks of 10%.

You’ll also need to redeem the voucher in one go.

Our friendly hours

Even if you’re out of credit, your meter won’t disconnect on Sundays, UK Bank Holidays, or 4pm-11am, Monday to Saturday. Next time you top up you’ll need to pay for any energy you use during those times, plus emergency credit, any overdue repayment plan payments and the daily standing charge.

How can I tell if I'm using my emergency credit or not?

You’ll be able to tell if you’re using your emergency credit by checking your In Home Display. If you’ve got an icon on the screen that says “EMERGENCY CREDIT” next to an exclamation mark and the initials “EC” you’re using your emergency credit.

If it just says “EMERGENCY CREDIT” without the exclamation mark and “EC” then that means you’re not using it, but you have some available to use.


Why do you need my account balances before I can transfer my money?

We’ll need your balances first so we can see if you’ve got enough credit to transfer from one meter to another.

You need a minimum of £2 on the meter you want to transfer from. The minimum you can transfer is £1.

If you have less than £2 on the meter you’re trying to transfer from, you’ll get a message stating you don’t have enough credit.

What will happen to my Smart Pay As You Go account if I change supplier?

If you switch both your gas and electricity to a new supplier, we’ll switch both of your Pay As You Go meters over to standard credit meters and then send you a final bill. This final bill will cover any energy used up to when you start with your new supplier.

If there’s anything to pay, you’ll need to pay this in full or get in touch with us to set up an affordable arrangement. If your bill shows a credit, we’ll automatically this to your account.

Around the time of you leaving us to joining your new supplier, you’ll lose some of the smart functionality of your E.ON Smart Pay As You Go meter.

If we supply both your electricity and gas, but you only decide to switch over your electricity to another supplier, we’ll no longer be able to offer you Smart Pay As You go for your gas.

How can I check how much energy I’m using?

If you think you are using more energy that you should be on your Smart Pay As You Go meter, you can switch your In Home Display to a weekly or monthly usage view so you can track how much energy you’re using per week or month. You can also use E.ON See located in your account. If you still feel your energy consumption is too high then contact us.

I've got more credit than I need on one of my Smart Pay As You Go meters. Can I have a refund?

If you’ve got more credit than you need on one of your meters, you can transfer money from the meter with more credit to another meter with a smaller balance.

Download a welcome booklet

Whether you've just joined us or you need a refresher, our welcome booklet is a great place to get to grips with Smart Pay As You Go.

Transferring money between meters

On the app, simply press the transfer button, choose which pay as you go smart meter you want to move money from, and the amount of money you want to transfer. You can do this using your online account too. It’s as easy as that.