Upgrade to gas central heating

Providing fully funded first time gas central heating systems through the Warm Homes Fund. 

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What does Warm Homes Fund scheme offer?

We're working in partnership with councils across the midlands to provide eligible homes with funding for first time central heating systems and connections to the gas supply. 

If you, or someone in your household is eligible you could receive a free central heating system.

First time central heating is fully funded across all schemes and includes a brand new gas boiler, radiators and thermostats.

If you're not currently connected to the gas main we can sort this out for you with your District Network Operator. This will also be fully funded.

We can also add insulation to your property to building regulations where it is technically possible to do so. This includes loft and cavity wall insulation and will be fully funded and installed before your heating system.

Keeping families warm across the midlands

The Warm Homes Fund scheme can have a life changing impact for you and your family. 

We worked with Staffordshire Council to improve the lives of Jo and her family by installing a first time central heating system.

If you'd benefit from a free central heating system and want to check your eligibility, get in touch.


How can I claim my central heating grant?

If you're a resident living in one of the below areas, these links will take you to your council's website where you can fill out an online application form. This application will be sent to us and we'll then make contact with you to discuss next steps.

Do I need to be an E.ON gas and electricity customer?

You don't need to be an E.ON gas and electricity customer to take advantage of the funding. You only need to live in one of the five borough councils we are working with and be eligible. 

You can still choose who you want to supply your gas, we'll just help you to install it.

I'm a landlord, can I benefit from the Warm Homes Scheme?

If you are a landlord you can still benefit from the scheme. Depending on which county the property is in, a contribution may be required. This is detailed on each council's application portal.

To discuss this further and to find out how we can help you, please call and speak to one of our experts on 0333 202 4481 or complete and return the Landlord Permission form.

Is this scheme part of the Energy Company Obligation?

The Warmer Homes Scheme is funded jointly through E.ON's Energy Company Obligation (ECO) and the National Grid's Warm Homes Fund which is administered by the Affordable Warmth Solutions Community Interest Company.

Can I get my home insulated on the scheme?

Insulation measures such as cavity wall insulation, external wall insulation, draught-proofing and loft insulation might be available to you and help save money on your fuel bills.

Can I get a replacement boiler on the scheme?

Yes, we can replace your boiler as part of this scheme. A contribution may be required depending on eligibility.

Why should I switch to gas?

Gas is a significantly cheaper fuel than electric and therefore switching to gas heating can save you up to £6501 on your annual heating bill.

Having a central heating system will also allow you to have much more control of your heating through the use of a thermostat – something that is difficult to do with static heating systems such as storage heaters. 

What systems can be replaced as part of the scheme?

Under the Warmer Homes Scheme we can replace electric storage heaters, electric panel heaters, gas fires and solid fuel fires.

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To find out if you're eligible or to find out more you can speak to one of our experts.

The Legal Stuff

1 The typical household requires energy consumption of 12,000kwh to provide space and water heating. If using electricity (at an average price of 14.4p per unit) this consumption would result in a heating bill of £1728 annually. If using gas (at an average price of 3.8p) this consumption would result in a heating bill of £456 annually, a saving of £1,272. There are additional variables to account for, one of which is that most properties using electric for heating are on Economy 7 meters, which makes electricity cheaper at night and on the weekends,relating to 42% of usage. An average annual cost of heating for those on Economy 7 is; 6,960kwh at standard rates (58% usage) totalling £1,002 and 5,040kwh at Economy 7 rates (42% usage) totalling £485

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