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Business connections

Men looking at business meter - E.ON

  • Meter installations for businesses

    We provide meter installations and energy supply contracts for new business premises, or companies moving in to premises that require a change to supply. 

    We help a diverse range of businesses, from large manufacturers who require an effortless, cost-effective process, to major retail businesses looking for on-site advice.

    Call us on 0333 202 4920 so that we can understand your requirements. Alternatively you can leave your details with us, and one of our agents will be in touch.

  • We offer:

    • Expert advice
    • Tailored solutions - a range of supply contracts to cover tariffs and bespoke contract requirements
    • A full range of electricity and gas metering
    • End-to-end service
    • Account management service



  • What you can expect

    Read our process chart, which will help you to understand what to expect when you decide to work with us.




  • Application forms and other downloads

    We've a selection of documents that you'll find useful to the process. These include our electricity and gas meter application forms, which will allow us to work out timescales and get a better idea of your needs when we see your project.