How we use your information

How we use your information - the legal basis and purpose

We can only use your personal information in compliance with data protection laws. Those laws require that where we use your personal information, we must have the required legal basis to do so.

Set out below are the different legal bases we use in E.ON as well as examples of the types of processing we carry out.


Where you have provided consent, we will rely on that to process your information for the purposes set out at the time that the request for consent was made. You can change that consent at any time by contacting us.

Health data

If you have any vulnerabilities, we'll ask for your explicit consent before we add your details to our Priority Services Register and share with the relevant network operator. This enables us to take extra steps to ensure your safety and offer you additional services.

Promotion of products and services

We'd like to use your personal data to communicate with you by email, text, letter, telephone, social media and via our website. With your consent, we will tell you about products and services, promotions, tailored special offers and discounts that we think are likely to interest you. If you’ve given us permission to send you marketing information, we will respect your choices as to how you would like to receive this. We may send you communications or call you without your prior agreement when we have a legitimate interest in doing this- please refer to legitimate interest section.

Smart half-hourly data

You can view our page on smart metering to understand how we may use that data.

Legal obligations

As an energy supplier we have varies rules and obligations we must abide by. The majority of these are set out in our licence to operate which is regulated by the Office of Gas and Electricity Markets (Ofgem). There are numerous other regulatory and legal obligations that as a business we must follow.

Some examples include:

  • Regulatory reporting is a legal requirement we have to do and will involve us processing your data for this purpose.
  • Managing your complaint or dispute will require us to process your information and in certain circumstances require us to share it with bodies like the ‘Energy Ombudsman’.
  • Our obligation to try and install a smart meter will require us to process your data for this purpose. Please refer to the smart page for more information on how we use your smart data.
  • Orders made by a Court, for example where we are ordered to disclose information to law enforcement agencies.

Legitimate interest

Where we or someone else has a legitimate interest, we'll ensure that our interest has been balanced against your rights and freedoms as an individual.

Some examples include:

  • We may want to use your details to contact you about your account, to discuss things such as unpaid bills or to check information relating to your energy supply.
  • We may want to pass your information to organisations we work with who deliver a service for us, such as third parties we contract with directly to help us deliver services such as take meter readings or print agencies.
  • Advertising organisations including social media and entertainment service providers, which allows them to provide you with more relevant adverts.
  • For good governance, accounting, managing and auditing our business operations so that our business is effective and performs well.
  • Monitoring and recording our dealings with you, for example to prove you've agreed a contract with us, to help train our staff, or to help us give better service.
  • To manage our bad debt risk, including taking legal action against you if you do not pay our bills, because we are entitled to try and enforce our rights, and performing credit and anti-fraud checks to assess your application for credit and offer suitable payment terms.
  • Analysing your consumption so that we can offer you tariffs that suit your circumstances and give you tailored energy efficiency advice to help you save money.
  • Aggregating your consumption with similar properties in your area so we can provide an accurate comparison tool for you and other customers.
  • To develop, test and improve the products and services we provide. For example, lifestyle and demographic insight information to assess which of our products and services that may be of interest to you. This includes matching your data with data we obtain from other companies, for example, so that we do not advertise to you about a third party product or service that you already have.
  • To provide you with incentives or run a loyalty scheme, and to maintain our Refer a Friend Programme.
  • For research and insight purposes, to enable us to provide good customer service and how we might improve our products and services. In some circumstances we (or our partners) may use your contact details to ask you for your opinion of a service or interaction you have had with us to help us monitor and improve in the future.
  • For the prevention, detection and prosecution of fraud or other unlawful acts which could harm our business.

Performance of a contract with you or in readiness for such a contract

Some examples include:

  • To assess your needs, provide you with a quotation and agree a contract with you.
  • To set up your account with us, secure energy availability, apply the correct pricing, process consumption data, calculate charges and send invoices.
  • To process payments, refunds and set up payment plans.


Vital interests

We'll process your data in order to protect your or someone else's vital interests.

Where we believe that someone is at imminent risk of harm. In these circumstances we may alert the emergency services and/or any other relevant bodies that we think can help.

Substantial public interest

We may process your data if it is in the substantial public interest to do so.