What personal data do we collect?

Data we collect from you includes:

Personal data

Such as your name, address, date of birth, and other contact details such as your email address and telephone number. We need this data from you in order to enter into a contract with you.

Vulnerability information

Such as health or disability issues. Having this data helps us provide you with the right services for you and to ensure your safety.

Financial information

Such as your payment details and financial circumstances. We need your bank details if you want to pay by direct debit. If you have difficulty paying our bills, providing details of your circumstances helps us work with you to resolve this.

Information about your supply

Such as your meter reference numbers and meter type. This ensures we are linking you with the right meter, and keeps industry databases accurate.

Energy you use

Details of your energy use and property occupation dates. If you have a smart meter we will take consumption data directly from your meter. You have a contractual obligation to provide us with details of your energy usage, as we need this to send you accurate bills. If we have to estimate your bills you may not be paying the right amount for your energy.



Smart meter information

If you have a smart meter it will also transmit data that lets us know that it is safe and operating and recording correctly.

Energy you generate and export

Details of electricity you generate and export under the Feed In Tariff and Smart Export Guarantee schemes. You’re obliged to give us this information so that we can accurately calculate the payments due to you.

If you apply for Warm Home Discount or Affordable Warmth measures

You will be asked for information about any benefits you receive and money you get from employment, to assess your eligibility for assistance.

If you use E.ON Drive

We will see details of where, when and how long you charge your vehicle. This lets us charge you accurately for the electricity you use.

Company data

With regards to companies, data such as names, phone numbers and email addresses of representatives of your company.

If you use E.ON Home

We will use the data we collect about how much energy you use, the energy you generate, your use of electric vehicle charging points, and your use of other home energy solutions to provide you with a detailed information breakdown through the E.ON Home platform.

Data we may collect from other people or organisations

Personal information

Data such as your name and contact details may be provided to us by people moving in or out of a property you're occupying, or a landlord/estate agent.

Other information

- Metering and debt information can come from other organisations involved in supplying your energy and other services, such as other energy suppliers and meter operators

- Energy brokers and comparison platforms like Moneysupermarket will send us the details we need to contact you and set up an account for you

- Publicly-accessible data is available from sources such as the Land Registry, who can provide up to date information about properties we supply energy to

- Information such as additional contact details, homemoving status and other information about your circumstances is provided by councils, postal services and data brokers

- Information about energy saving installations can be provided by installers and managing agents.

- Information about your use of home energy solutions can be provided to us by those companies who provide the service to you.