Our colleagues working to keep us all powered

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Saying thanks to our colleagues working to keep us all powered

These are unprecedented times, and our priority remains making sure our customers have the power and gas they need and helping people to stay safe and healthy.

Energy is an essential service and from our field engineers responding to emergencies out in the field to our customer service colleagues advising people over the phones, our colleagues are continuing to be there for our customers and to help them keep their lights and heating on.

We’re extremely proud of the hard work and dedication of all our colleagues and appreciate their efforts and continued commitment at work or being available for emergency call-outs – as well as our colleagues who are volunteering their time, skills and vehicles to help in their communities through the NHS volunteering scheme. And we're really proud of the feedback they've received from our customers.

Susan, Guy, Sarah and Tamar are just some of our colleagues receiving amazing customer feedback for how they’re continuing to support our customers through these challenging times.

“Susan was super friendly and helpful at this difficult time and helped explain my bill for me to understand and put me at ease.” – about Susan, Customer Service Advisor

“Guy couldn't have tried harder to help and put me at ease. This was particularly important at these worrying times and he showed real concern for my wellbeing… He was an excellent listener and couldn't have tried harder to help, taking time to handle my concerns sensitively. I would like to thank him for his help.” – about Guy, Customer Service Specialist

“Excellent service provided in this difficult time. She was very understanding and dealt with my query.” – about Sarah, Customer Service Advisor

“Tamar was very helpful and kind and made me feel at ease and one less worry at a time like this.” – about Tamar, Customer Service Advisor

And Amr, Mick, Tashna, Paula and Michelle are among our advisors that have been praised by our customers for their service and support in these challenging times.

“I was in an extremely unfortunate state due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and the advisor went above and beyond to make sure I was ok and didn't go off supply. Amr was very polite, extremely kind and phenomenally considerate and understanding. I am so grateful for the care and concern I received.” – about Amr, Prepayment Live Chat Customer Service Advisor

“Very helpful and understanding operative especially at this challenging time.” – about Mick, Customer Service Advisor

“Tashna helped me to deal with current situation very quickly. She was very helpful and understanding.” – about Tashna, Customer Service Advisor

“Extremely good telephone manor and very helpful in difficult circumstances.” – about Paula, Customer Service Advisor

“I was feeling a bit anxious with everything going on – stuck in the house with bad asthma, worries about money. The lovely lady who I spoke to did a great job, very friendly and chatted with me. Great customer service, thank you.” – about Michelle, Customer Service Advisor 

Read about how Dean, Sarah, Michael, Bushra and Haroon are supporting our residential customers and have gone above and beyond.

“The advisor was very friendly and helpful, considering the situation we are in on lockdown. It was nice to speak to a friendly person in the morning that helped my problem and took away some of my stress. Not all advisors are helpful as this man was - well done” – about Dean, Customer Service Advisor

“Because we are in isolation and Sarah was amazing, efficient and has helped us out and I really appreciate what E.ON have done for us, one less thing to worry about in these trying times in isolation. I thank you from the bottom of my heart! :)” – about Sarah, Customer Service Advisor on social media and live chat

“Michael was helpful beyond what's required and has really eased my anxiety while having coronavirus. I have coronavirus and am so anxious about paying bills. He was so helpful and kind beyond needs and is excellent at his work” – about Michael, Customer Service Advisor for the Extra Support Team

“Helped me out of a massive worry I was gonna run out of gas and electric in this isolation” – about Bushra, Customer Service Advisor

“They sorted it and even said stay safe. Very caring at this time of loneliness” – about Haroon, Customer Service Advisor

Read feedback about our advisors Paul, Martina, Louise and Benjamin who are working hard to support our business customers during this tough time.

“Because they gave me the extra mile. I was asking for our [direct debit] to be reduced in line with closing the village hall and they agreed” – about Paul, Customer Service Advisor

“Due to pandemic was ordered to temporary close business premises and not able pay shop bills on time. Lady advisor was very helpful and understanding... Thank you” – about Martina, Customer Service Specialist

“Because Louise showed that you cared. Brilliant service at a difficult time.” – about Louise, Customer Service Advisor

“Excellent help with my bills in response to coronavirus. Means a lot to my restaurant business for which you supply gas and electricity. Polite, up-beat, friendly. Resolved the issue swiftly. Very sympathetic” – about Benjamin, Customer Service Advisor

In these unprecedented times, we all need to help each other. That’s why we’re keeping our phone lines free for our most in need customers and those concerned about paying their bills. But we can now take calls from other customers too.

We’re asking that our customers continue to use our app or website to contact us, where possible. You can use our online services to continue managing your account - from tracking your energy use, downloading and paying bills and managing your Direct Debit to entering meter readings and even changing the E.ON tariff you’re on.  

To help you stay up-to-date with our advice and support for our customers during this period, we’re regularly updating our coronavirus help and support hub with the latest information and advice.