Continuing to be there for you

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Continuing to be there for you

We’re very proud of our customer services team who are continuing to work hard every day to help our customers. 

An increasing proportion of colleagues are now working from home for the first time and adapting quickly and professionally to new practices and processes. Others, whose roles simply cannot be carried out remotely, are also providing an essential service in keeping our customers safe and on supply.

Michelle is one of our customer service advisors currently working from home in Greater Manchester. She has this guidance for our customers who use prepayment meters: 
“If you’ve got a prepayment meter, my best advice is to keep it topped up with credit where you possibly can. If you’re self-isolating, or unwell, and unable to leave your home to do this in person, consider asking a relative, friend or neighbour to help. How are you getting food to your home? You may be able ask whoever is bringing you food to help with topping up your meter. 
“As a rough guide, an average household can expect to use around £60 worth of gas and electricity over 14 days. If you’re worried about needing emergency credit, please get in touch as there are ways we can help. We can issue you with emergency credit – which will need to be paid back if you use it – but it should help you get through if you fall short.”

We’re grateful to Michelle, and the rest of her team, working hard to keep our customers’ PPM topped up and them on supply. And in the words of some of the customers that Michelle and her colleagues have been helping:

I received the electricity key topped up within an hour!... I did not expect THIS quick! Very highly appreciated! Thank you very much.”

“Emergency credit needed for 14-day isolation (2nd time). They were polite, efficient at dealing with the problem, and extraordinarily sympathetic to my circumstances (my mother passed away from the virus). At a corporate level, E.ON have been flexible and generous in the extent of credit.”

“I was in an extremely unfortunate state due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and the advisor went above and beyond to make sure I was ok and didn't go off supply. They were very polite, extremely kind and phenomenally considerate and understanding. I am so grateful for the care and concern I received.”

“I called as my nan had no gas within an hour the engineer was with my nan who is 85 years old. They were so helpful and very understanding especially in these difficult times with Covid-19 .... thank you.”

“They are there to help people through the coronavirus when people like myself can't go out. They were very nice on the phone to me and help me with getting my electric sorted very quickly.”

And in other parts of our business too, colleagues are adapting to new ways of working as they continue to support our customers.

Tim is part of our boiler installation team and transferred to home working in March. He explains how he is helping make sure customers have heating and hot water:

“Even before the government announced the lockdown measures, for the safety of our engineers and customers we had begun checking with customers who had any symptoms or who are in a vulnerable category, putting appointments on hold where necessary. 

“We’re reassuring them that as soon as it is safe to do so, we’ll be re-establishing our full range of boiler services for all customers. What we can do at the moment for these customers though, is provide a quote via video call to put us in the best possible place to install boilers on a non-emergency basis as soon as we’re able to. And for those emergencies that do crop up during this time, I’m able to send an engineer out, protected by personal protective equipment and safe working measures, to sort things out for customers quickly.”