Recommend a friend and help save the planet

Why recommending a friend makes us feel so good

Whether it's a recipe for an apple pie or a great clothes shop, when a trusted friend or family member says they'd recommend something, you feel pretty confident your experience will be great. And, when you cook that fantastic apple pie or grab a fab find at your new favourite store, you naturally want to recommend that recipe or shop too.

It makes us feel great to know that we're helping someone we care about enjoy what we've enjoyed, and this is especially true if we're helping them save money or become more sustainable along the way.

That’s why at E.ON we’re continually looking to give our customers what they want – great value energy services and products that help people become more sustainable (as endorsed by uSwitch, which has named us Best Value for Money and Best Green Services large energy supplier).

We know that our success is largely down to your recommendations, which is why we’re now rewarding and thanking you for that.

Recommend a friend and both of you can benefit

If you're enjoying all the benefits of being an E.ON customer – receiving 100% renewables-backed electricity as standard1, and great offers on boilers and solar products – why not encourage your friends to enjoy these too?

With E.ON's ‘Refer a friend’ programme, when you recommend an eligible E.ON product to your friends and family, you can both receive up to £100 on eGift cards as a thank you from us. You can spend this eGift card online at M&S, Amazon, John Lewis & Partners and many other high-street favourites.

Here's a quick guide on how you can recommend E.ON to your friends and family and the many areas of E.ON's services that you can put forward.

E.ON's energy services

  • Use our a refer-a-friend page to recommend E.ON's energy services to a friend or family member and we will give you both a £40 eGift card once their switch is complete.

E.ON's solar products

  • If you've installed E.ON solar panels, then you know how good it feels to save on your bills. You can invite your friends to enjoy the benefits of solar energy too which means you rely less on fossil fuels as your home benefits from the power you generate. Once they have their E.ON solar products installed, we'll send you both £100 on an eGift card.

E.ON's boilers

Have you bought a new boiler with us or are you thinking of doing so? If you recommend a friend you can both enjoy the perks of a cosy warm home and hot showers. Once they have their boiler installed we'll send you both a £50 gift card.

Free smart-meter installation

  • If you're enjoying the benefits of your E.ON smart meter, you can suggest to your friends that they do the same. They can book a smart-meter installation appointment online here. Once their E.ON smart meter is fitted we'll send you each a £8 eGift card to show our appreciation.

Register for the E.ON Refer a friend scheme

To recommend E.ON's products and services to others, E.ON customers must register for our referral programme here and agree to Mention Me’s  terms and conditions. Once registered, you can invite your friends to become an E.ON customer, install solar panels or a smart meter via email, Facebook or Facebook messenger. Alternatively, when your friends sign up to E.ON or book an E.ON smart-meter installation, they can insert your name and email in the 'Been referred by a friend' link on the online form.

When will we get our referral eGift cards?

Once your friend has taken up your recommendation, as soon as they have switched to E.ON energy, installed an E.ON product via our website,, you will both receive an email from [email protected] with details of your eGift card and how to redeem it within seven working days. Check your spam folder if you don't receive an email and you think you should have.

Keep track of your referrals

You can invite more than one friend to enjoy E.ON's products and services. The more people you recommend and the more E.ON services they take up, the more rewards you and your friends will benefit from. Use the Refer a friend dashboard in your E.ON online account to keep track of all of your referrals and to see when you're eligible for an eGift card.

So don’t delay, why not refer a friend today.

1. Electricity sourced from E.ON’s renewable generation assets, supply agreements with independent UK wind generators and the purchase of renewable electricity certificates. The electricity supplied to your homes comes from the National Grid. Find out more at