How apps have made everyday tasks easier

How often do we hear: “There’s an app for that”? Apps are central to almost everything we do today in our smartphone-centred lives - and they’re becoming even more important now in light of social distancing and self-isolation.

Some eight in ten people now own, or have access to, a smartphone. The average person now has 80 apps on their smartphone - photo sharing and video streaming apps are among the most popular, while many others help us organise our busy lives and save us money.

Busy executives, creative types, students, fitness fanatics, gamers and more have all had their lives transformed by millions of different apps. At the end of 2019, there were an incredible 2.57 million Google apps available and 1.84 million for Apple iOS users.

And with this vast number of apps comes a massive variety of activities that we can carry out on our smartphones. We can now do anything from online banking to ordering our food shop, practicing self-care through meditation to learning a new language.

As we practice social distancing and self-isolation, it’s time to truly make best use of these apps – whether it’s to stay in touch with your loved ones, keep yourself entertained or even manage your energy account.

How the E.ON app can help right now

The E.ON app allows you to manage your energy account in one place and on the go – including downloading and paying bills, tracking your energy use,  managing your Direct Debit levels and even changing the E.ON tariff you’re on. You can also enter meter readings to ensure you receive accurate bills and, if you’re a Smart Pay As You Go customer, you can top up your energy through the app too.

And the best part is, that by using our app right now, you’ll be helping others too. That’s because we’ll be able to keep our phone lines free for emergencies.

To join the more than half a million people already using our app, you'll need an online E.ON account and to have received your first bill. Once you’re signed up, you’re ready to manage your energy wherever you are. And that’s exactly what apps were designed for – making our lives easier.

For more information about how E.ON is supporting customers during the current situation, visit our dedicated webpage.