How to save energy at home and reduce energy bills

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How can we save energy at home?

We all use energy to power our lives at home, from making sure we have a hot shower to powering our favourite box set. But making use of smart devices and energy efficient appliances and even generating your own electricity can all help to reduce your energy use and keep your reduce bills.

Why is it important to save energy?

  • It can add value to your home: Improving the energy efficiency of your home through insulation, installing an energy efficient boiler and even adding solar panels to generate your own electricity can add value to your home1.
  • It can help you to save money: Changing your habits to use less energy and making sure you have energy efficient appliances2 can contribute to cheaper energy bills. And installing a smart meter can help you keep track of your energy use and budget better.
  • It can help the environment: Our homes are responsible for 25% of the UK’s CO2 emissions3 so using less energy and installing energy efficient solutions can help to lower your carbon emissions and protect the planet.

Top tips to save energy and reduce your bills

There are many ways that we can save energy at home and with just a few easy tweaks to your routine, you could quickly save energy and lower your energy bills too. Read on for some top tips…

Be efficient with appliances

Appliances such as phone chargers, televisions and laptops still use energy when they’re on standby. So make sure you turn off your appliances at the socket to save energy – and money. Leaving appliances on standby can add £35 a year to your energy bill2.

And when you’re looking to buy new appliances such as fridges and televisions, opt for an energy-efficient one to save energy and benefit from lower running costs2.

Control costs by installing a smart meter

Smart meters give you control over your energy use, allowing you to keep track of how much energy you’re using and set budgets so that you don’t use more energy than you want to.

Smart meters automatically send us your actual meter readings, meaning you don’t need to read your meter and you’ll receive accurate bills rather than estimated ones, helping ensure you only pay for the energy you use.

Lower your water use

With the average UK household spending £1254 a year to heat water, making some simple changes could see cheaper energy bills.

Fill up a basin when doing the washing up rather than leaving the tap running and you could save £254 per year; by swapping one bath a week for a 5-minute shower, you could save up to £204 a year on your gas bills and washing your clothes at 30oC instead of at higher temperatures uses around 57% less electricity5.

Be smarter with your lights

Switching to energy efficient light bulbs is a quick and easy way to reduce your electricity use – saving you up to £3 per year for every halogen bulb you replace with an LED bulb6.

And how often do you leave a room and forget to turn off the lights? This could be costing you £15 per year6. So why not install smart lighting and control your lights from wherever you are, meaning you’ll never have to worry about leaving the lights on again.

Monitor your heating use

Avoid heat waste by only heating the rooms that you’re using and turning off the radiators in rooms that are empty. And if you turn the thermostat down by 1oC, you could save £80 per year6.

Consider installing a smart thermostat too. With tadoo, you can control your heating wherever you are from your phone, helping to reduce any waste from heating your home unnecessarily. What’s more, tadoo will also use geolocation and weather forecasts to help heat your home more efficiently.

Invest in a new boiler

To help reduce your energy bills, it’s recommended to replace your boiler if it’s more than 10 years old or if it keeps needing a repair. You could save £205 a year by installing a new, efficient boiler7 –  our range of energy efficient boilers are 94% efficient and come with up to a 10-year guarantee.

There are three main types of boilers each with different benefits, so you can find the one that best suits your household. And what’s more, we offer a range of options for boilers on finance8  to suit your individual needs.

Consider solar energy

Installing solar panels on your home is a great way to cut your energy bills whilst also benefitting the environment. By generating your own electricity, you can reduce your reliance on the grid and fossil fuels, helping to save up to £400 a year on your electricity bills9 and lower your carbon footprint.

And make the most out of the electricity you generate by installing a solar battery. By storing your renewable electricity, you can use even less energy from the grid, using your free electricity at a time that suits you – even at night. 

And don’t forget to check the tariff you’re on – we have a wide range of tariffs, so make sure that you’re on the best deal for you and we provide electricity backed by 100% renewable sources10 as standard. We’re proud to have been recognised as ‘Best value for money’ and ‘Best green services’ in the latest Uswitch Energy Awards in the Larger Supplier Category.



By making simple changes to your energy habits or installing energy efficient solutions such as smart meters, boilers and solar panels you can save energy, lower your energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint. Discover our solutions to help you save energy, keep your energy costs low and reduce your carbon emissions.

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