Six reasons to get a smart meter

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Smart meters are replacing traditional gas and electricity meters across the UK, helping households to become more energy efficient and to receive accurate energy bills.

Using the latest technology and secure wireless networks, smart meters record your gas and electricity use, show how much energy you’re using on a smart energy monitor (often described as your smart in-home display or smart IHD) and automatically send accurate meter readings to your energy supplier.

Why should you get a smart meter?

Having a smart meter in your home gives you the power to save money on your energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint.

If you’re considering getting a smart meter installed, read on to discover six reasons why you should and how a smart meter could help you.

1. Accurate energy readings

Installing a smart meter gives you one less thing to think about – unlike traditional gas and electricity meters, your smart meter will automatically and securely send your meter readings to your energy supplier. This means that you don’t need to remember to manually take and submit your meter readings.

Your supplier will receive your accurate meter readings regularly so you shouldn’t receive an estimated bill and you’ll only be billed for the energy you actually use.

2. Helps lower household energy bills

A smart meter can help you to track your energy use, showing you how much energy you’re using in near real-time and how much it’s costing you in pounds and pence.

And to stay in control of your spending, you can even set a budget. Simply decide how much you want to spend in a given time period, for example £2 a day, and set this on your smart energy monitor. If you go over your budget, your smart energy monitor will beep to let you know, but importantly, this won’t affect your energy supply.

3. Makes it easier to change your energy habits

Monitoring your energy use and costs can help you to understand how and when you use energy and the small changes you could make to save energy and reduce your bills. In fact, 82% of people with smart meters have taken at least one step to reduce their energy use1.

You can use your smart energy monitor to uncover how much electricity each of your appliances and devices use. When you turn one of your appliances or devices on, simply look at your smart energy monitor to see how much more electricity you use compared to when it’s turned off – and you might be surprised.

4. Installed by experts

We’re proud to deliver the highest standard of service and safety and we always install in accordance with the industry standard – the Smart Meter Installation Code of Practice2. Now that lockdown restrictions are starting to ease for many and we’re moving towards our ‘new normal’, we’ve introduced new safety procedures so we can continue to keep our customers and colleagues safe.

And it’s quick and easy to get a smart meter installed. It takes our trained expert engineers about an hour to install a smart meter, meaning that if we’re installing both your gas and electricity meters it’ll take about two hours.

And don’t just take our word for it, our customers have been reviewing our service on Trustpilot and here’s what some of them had to say.


“Engineer arrived on time, he was polite and efficient. Our smart meters were fitted quickly and the area was left clean and tidy.” – Kayem

“The installation of the smart meter went really smoothly. Really polite and efficient technician – thank you” – Elveta

“The technician was polite, friendly, respectful and efficient. What more could you want!”- Bev

“Excellent service – install of smart meters went without a hitch and at a distance. Very happy and great communication before and during install” – Chris

“Very good service, fitter was on time, personable and efficient.” – Mark

5. Encourages an environmentally friendly home

Getting a smart meter is one of the easiest ways to help reduce your carbon footprint – and they’re free to install. If every home in Great Britain upgrades to a smart meter, the collective CO2 savings could be the same as planting more than 75 million trees every year.

With a smart meter, you can see how much CO2 you generate and when. This helps you understand which of your appliances and devices contribute the most to your carbon footprint and gives you the power to make your home more sustainable and energy efficient by changing the way you use energy.

6. Understand your energy history

With your smart energy monitor, you can compare your energy use throughout the week, month or even the past year – helping you to understand when you use the most energy. Energy monitoring helps you to not only stay in control of your energy use, but it can also help you to understand if you’re wasting energy powering your home when no one’s in or if there’s something unusual about your recent energy use.

And if you’re an electricity and gas customer, you can change your fuel view so that you see only your gas or electricity use, giving you better insights into your energy habits.

How to get a smart meter

It’s easy to get a smart meter installed for free with E.ON. You can easily book your smart meter installation appointment using our online booking tool, we’ll check if your home is suitable, then choose the time and date that suits you.

We’ll send you a reminder two days before your appointment and we’ll also give you a call on the day when our expert engineer is on their way to your home.

Installing a smart meter is a great way to help you save money on your energy bills as well as do your bit to help stop climate change. It’s quick and easy to start enjoying the benefits of a smart meter, both for you and the environment, so what are you waiting for? Get a smart meter installed today and help us lead the change to a smart, sustainable and personalised energy system.

 1.  Smart Energy GB outlook survey – February 2017

2.  For more information about the Smart Meter Installation Code of Practice, visit