How to switch off your home and save energy when you go on holiday

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How to switch off your home and save energy when you go on holiday

Heading off on a well-deserved break? The last thing you want to be doing is worrying about your home and energy bills. So, whether you’re going away for a summer holiday or winter break, follow our short and helpful guide about what appliances to switch off in your home before you leave.

Read on to discover our holiday energy saving tips and how they could help you save some money on your energy bills.

Switching off your water

To prevent any unexpected leaks or water damage when you’re away, remember to turn off your stopcock to switch your water supply off at the mains. If you’re not sure where your stopcock is, it’s usually located in the cupboard under the kitchen sink, bathroom, garage, utility room or under the stairs.

Unplugging TVs and computers

TVs, computers and games consoles all use electricity when left on standby and you might be surprised at the cost of leaving your TV and other devices on standby. In fact, leaving your appliances on standby adds £35 a year to your energy bill1. So, to save both energy and money while you’re away, switch these appliances off at the socket.

Laptops, mobile phones, razors and toothbrush chargers also drain electricity so be sure to unplug them too. It’ll stop you worrying, plus the savings might pay for an extra round of ice creams or hot chocolate.

Check your kitchen appliances

Appliances such as kettles, toasters, dishwashers and washing machines should all be switched off and unplugged if possible – this will help you to save electricity

But you’ll usually save more money by keeping your fridge and freezer switched on. They’re more energy efficient when three-quarters full, so take any food out that might go mouldy, raise the temperature slightly and fill with containers filled with water for an unconventional way to save energy.

Should I turn off my boiler when I go on holiday?

Turning your boiler off while you’re away can be a good way to save money on your energy bills as it’s unlikely that you’ll be using your boiler for heating – especially if you’re going away during the warmer months. But you might still need it for your hot water, particularly when you come home.

So, set your boiler to eco mode instead of turning it off. You’ll not only save money on your energy bills, but you’ll also have hot water ready for a relaxing bath or a quick shower once you arrive back home.

If you’re going away for a winter break, it’s important that you don’t switch your boiler off to protect your pipes from freezing and bursting. Instead keep your boiler on a low temperature or on eco mode to make sure you don’t come home to a plumbing nightmare.

But if you’re worried about leaving your boiler on while you’re away from home, then set a timer for your boiler to turn on for an hour a day. To help make sure the water in your pipes doesn’t get cold enough to freeze, the best time to switch on your heating is between 3am and 4am – this is normally when it’s the coldest outside.

And most modern boilers also have built-in frost protection, giving you extra peace of mind.

Controlling your home from holiday

The last thing you want to be doing when you should be relaxing on holiday is worrying about things you can do nothing about – but you can control some of your home appliances whilst you’re away on holiday.

Smart thermostats

If you choose a smart thermostat like tado°, you can control your heating and hot water from your phone. So you never have to worry that you’ve forgotten to turn the heating off again.

And you could turn up the heat or turn on the hot water on your way home to make sure you come home to a comfortable home.

Smart lighting

Home security is a concern when you’re away, so give your home the ‘lived-in’ look. Leave your curtains and blinds open, and install smart lighting. You can then use your phone to put the lights on for a couple of hours each night to deter unwanted visitors. And if your smart lights have an automatic timer, your lights will turn on and off in the evenings at pre-programmed times.

If you want to know more about how to save energy at home all year round, have a look at our helpful energy saving guides on how to save energy in summer and our winter energy saving tips.

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