Standing up for what's right

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Racial injustice: “We all must do better to ensure we stand up for what is right and deliver real change where it is needed”

As with many organisations we have been using the events and discussions following the murder of George Floyd as an opportunity to ensure we listen more, learn more and consider what steps we can take further to ensure true equality of opportunity for all.

Our focus is on helping and supporting our colleagues to progress and whilst we are proud of our record of promoting equality and diversity as an employer we will continue to seek meaningful ways to do even more. For example we will continually examine the ongoing commitments we have with our colleagues and make sure we take the responsibility that comes with being the only energy company in the ‘Inclusive Employers UK Top 50’ seriously, so that we can share information and align with other allies to advance equality in any way we can.

This approach was recently reconfirmed by our UK Chief Executive, Michael Lewis, in a personal message to our colleagues. He said: “Reflecting on recent events, I wanted to reaffirm that creating an environment where everyone is recognised for their contribution, can be themselves and can grow their career is not only a core part of our DNA, it’s very personal to me and my board colleagues. Recently, during our whole company town-hall meeting, I was asked a very important question about the recent events and subsequent protests in America and elsewhere and I wanted to share again those thoughts.

“We’re all deeply disturbed by the racial injustice that we’re seeing and more importantly, is being experienced by black communities. At the same time, you’ll also have heard in the media that one of the unexpected outcomes of the Covid-19 crisis, is that ethnic minorities have been disproportionately affected.

“I want to express a heartfelt empathy to those communities.

“At times like this, as we look for ways to stand up for what we believe, we stand together to show our solidarity and support to stop racism, educate others and celebrate our diversity that will give us strength in our changing world. I pledge my personal commitment to making sure that we continue to create a culture where everyone’s welcome, can be themselves and achieve their full potential. To do this, we need to examine our actions, listen, learn and understand more about the experiences of our colleagues, and challenge behaviours which are against our E.ON values.”