What’s so smart about a smart meter?

16 million smart
meters installed
and rising

There are some 16 million smart meters installed in homes and small businesses across Britain, and this figure is steadily rising.

If your home doesn’t yet have a smart meter, you’re probably wondering:

• What’s so ‘smart’ about a smart meter?
• Is it worth making the switch?
• Will it save me money?
• And, will it help to reduce my impact on the planet?

Read on to find out the answers to these questions and more.

What is a smart meter?

smart meter tracks your energy usage and automatically transmits your meter readings to your energy supplier. It means that you no longer have to read your meters and log your usage yourself or rely on estimated readings.

The smart meter programme is an essential national upgrade to replacing old gas and electricity meters. Having a smart meter helps to create a smarter national grid which in turn allows energy suppliers (like us) to better balance supply and demand for energy to homes and businesses meaning less waste.

How switching to a smart meter can help the environment

Your E.ON smart meter also shows you how much C0you generate and when. This helps you to see which appliances and devices are major contributors to your carbon footprint.

Consequently, it may spur you to change your habits to reduce the detrimental impact of your home on the environment. When you see, for instance, how much energy your tumble dryer gobbles, you may hang your washing outside on the line more often.

If every household in the UK got a smart meter, the COsaving would be equivalent to planting 75 million trees p/a until 20301. Upgrading to a smart meter is one of the easiest, cheapest ways to do your bit for the environment. Not only can you save energy yourself, but you’re supporting the creation of a more energy efficient energy grid which helps prepare us for future electric technologies – such as heat pumps and electric cars.

How switching to a smart meter can save you money

Your smart meter will help ensure your energy bills are accurate, as opposed to estimated. This means that you only pay for what you use.

Smart meters come with a portable in-home display, similar to a mini tablet, that tells you how much energy you’re using at any one time and how much it costs. You can use this data to help you learn more about how you use energy, which in turn can help you save energy and money all while making our grid smarter and helping in the energy transition.

Smart meters are free to install

We provide and install smart meters for free. It takes a couple of hours for one of our dedicated Smart Meter Technicians to replace your existing electricity and gas meters with smart meters. During the installation visit, we’d turn off your gas and/or electricity supply for about 30 minutes while the meters are being replaced, and will then ensure everything is working as it should with your new meter(s).

We're working towards a carbon-neutral Britain – but we can't do it without you. Book an appointment online today and help us create a cleaner energy grid for everyone. 


1.  Savings possible by customers measuring energy use and cutting waste