Additional charges

Services and fees*

Normally you'll only need to pay for your energy, but we may charge for these activities too:

  • Remove both smart meters (Dual Fuel)
  • Remove a single smart meter (electricity or gas)
  • Install or replace a smart in-home display (IHD)
  • OFMAT / standard load test
  • Fit an isolator
  • Late payment fee
  • Warrant fee
  • If you're unavailable on the day of your meter appointment
  • Warrant application fee
  • Debt collection fee
  • Debt resolution visit fee (formerly pre-disconnection fee)
  • Debt collection agency (DCA) admin fee
    Up to 31% of the outstanding balance
  • Legal team litigation and interest claimed fees
    Determined on a case-by-case basis
  • De-energise and move your meter**
    Dependent on meter type and size
  • Request a paper copy of a bill or statement
    £1 per copy (£9 max.)

*All prices include VAT where applicable.

**Moving charge applies if we have to move the meter more than 12 inches.