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E.ON Drive

Tomorrow is .on

We do more for our customers. From the latest and greatest tech innovations, to making sure you can pay the way you want for your gas and electricity, we've got our eyes set on the future. Just check out our progress on solar tech and smart meters, and our latest sun-drenched electric vehicle campaign.

The future of electric vehicle charging

We already offer a fully managed charging solutions for your business through advanced charging products and services for ultra-low emission vehicles, but what about the future?

Could our transport system power a future energy grid?

Think you know electric vehicles? Think again

From monster trucks to prototype hypercars, we powered the most electric fleet of EVs the world has ever seen.

Could you benefit from our EV tariff?

E.ON Drive

From solar panels and batteries, to electric vehicle charging, we're working hard to develop new ways of producing, storing and managing your energy. 

Freedom is electric

Solar panels and batteries

We're bringing you innovative solar and battery technology that allows you to store the energy you generate from the sun.

Supercharging electric vehicles

Formula E is the new superstar of the sustainable sport world. And what's not to love? We're passionate about innovation and sustainability, so look out for our new electric charging points coming soon. 


Say goodbye to unexpected bills

and taking your own meter

readings - self-reading smart

meters are now here. 

Get an E.ON smart meter

Our self-reading smart meters send us your readings automatically. Not only does that mean more accurate bills, but your Smart Energy Display will give you a better picture of your energy use.


We always let you know if you

could be paying less.

Helping you pay less

We like to go the extra mile for our customers, that means you can grab up to £100 savings and discounts.