Key Information

Here is a checklist to help you make your own comparison:

Your usage – Our quote will be based on the amount of energy you tell us you use each year.  Make sure you compare using the same amount of kWhs otherwise you won’t be able to compare accurately.

Your personal projection – You should see this on a recent communication from your current supplier, or you may have a quote from other suppliers.  Use this to compare with the price we quote.  Suppliers offer different discounts depending on how you pay, if you stop having paper bills or if you take both electricity and gas.  Try to make a like for like comparison.

Could you pay less – Look out for the saving by changing product or payment method with your current supplier.

Exit fees – If you’re on a fixed price tariff now, will your current supplier charge you an exit fee if you leave them?

Other benefits – Does your current supplier give you any other benefits like vouchers or reward points or boiler maintenance?