Installing Your Meter

Your new half hourly supply will be managed by our Corporates team, who manage all of our half hourly customers. This will mean some minor changes, and you can find out more in changes to your account and your contract .

Appointing a meter operator (MOP)

""In most cases we’ll fit your half hourly metering equipment for free through our meter operator (MOP), and we’ll maintain it for you for the remainder of your current plan. In some cases we may need to charge you for installation. If we do, we’ll write to you beforehand with a quote for the work.

Alternatively you can arrange for another qualified meter operator to install the metering for you at your own cost and you’ll be responsible for any ongoing maintenance and repair costs. They’ll probably need you to enter into a contract for maintenance of the equipment and there is usually a charge for this. You can find a list of qualified meter operators here .

If you are happy to appoint E.ON as your MOP our Corporates team will contact you to arrange a date for the installation - we’ll normally install your meter within 20 working days, depending on when you’re available.

In most cases there won’t be a disruption to your supply but this depends on your supply type. If we do have to temporarily disconnect in order to carry out the upgrade, you may be off supply for up to two hours. We will discuss this with you and will try to arrange an installation appointment which is convenient.

What else do I need to do?

You’ll also need to talk to your local distribution network operator to enter into a Connection Agreement and agree an Authorised Supply Capacity (ASC). This is to allow them to understand what electricity demand they need to provide in your area and determine whether you may need site works to upgrade the supply to your premises. You can check who your local network operator is here. Alternatively, you can refer to your invoice.

For more information about installing your half hourly meter, call us on 02476 183976 (Mon – Thu 9am to 5pm, Fri - 9am to 4pm)