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Non-fixed plans

Our deemed, variable, out of contract prices are generally higher than on a fixed business plan, and we may change them at any time. 

To discuss fixed business plans give us a call on 0333 202 4586. We're here Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm. .

Deemed schemes

If your business is getting your gas or electricity from us, but you've not signed up to one of our contracts, you're on what's called a 'deemed contract'. This will most likely be the case if you've just moved into a site we already supply, and you could be getting a better deal if you switch to one of our fixed business contracts.

Electricity Deemed Customer Scheme (PDF)

Gas Deemed Customer Scheme (PDF)

Variable price plans

You told us that you don't like auto-renewal, so when your plan comes to an end we won't move you onto a new fixed business plan. Instead, if we haven't heard from you when your fixed business plan ends, you'll move onto our variable prices, which are shown below. 

With our variable plan, you have to give 30 days' notice if you want to switch supplier. If you've got an outstanding balance on your account, we may object to your switch. 

These prices will apply when your fixed business plan ends, if you haven't terminated your contract or agreed a new one with us.

Electricity, variable contract prices - Maximum Demand (PDF)

Electricity, variable contract prices - non Maximum Demand (PDF)

Gas, variable contract prices (PDF)

Out of contract prices

If you terminate your contract but don't switch supplier, we'll apply our out of contract prices from when your plan ends (you can agree another plan with us at any time). Once on these prices you can leave at any time, however if you have an outstanding balance we might object to you switching supplier.

Electricity, out of contract prices - Maximum Demand (PDF)

Electricity, out of contract prices  - non Maximum Demand (PDF)

Gas, out of contract prices (PDF)